(18+) THE [email protected]: Starlit Season Nude Mods and Jiggle Physics Adds Sparkly Sensation

Another day and another glorious PCMR nude mod to gloss over to upset puritan faggots, in today’s case we’re going to be looking at a multitude of nude modifications for the recently released IdolMaster Starlit Season.

The modifications in question provide appropriately sized breasts for each individual idol with various other options for partial nudity in the forms of see through clothing or quite literally exposed breasts.

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Full Nude.
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Transparent Clothing.
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Exposed Tiddy.

The full nude mod with individualized breast sizes, created by Zai can be downloaded for free HERE with a very straightforward drag and drop installation into the game directory.

Here’s a sample video of Zai’s nude + pantsu mod in action.

While you’re at it you may wish to visit the IdolMaster thread on loverslab in order to download any of the aforementioned mods or more rather a English translation patch for us gaijin.

While both the see through clothing mod and exposed breast clothing options can be downloaded HERE.

And of course here’s a preview video showcasing the transparent clothing modification.

Scattered throughout the threads you may also view and download various other mods by individual LoversLab users who’ve made adjustments to breast sizes of your preferred idol, but I’m sure you’re probably questioning having viewed all of the excellent mods above….. “where are the jiggle physics”.

Well the answer to that has been solved thanks to an anonymous user on 5chan who has provided two individual bouncing options to finally give us degenerates the immersion we desperately crave when it comes to our beloved nude mods.

With more or less bouncing breasts able to be downloaded HERE.

And of course because I absolutely love to share such fine art, here’s a sample video of the jiggle physics in action.

Slight Jiggle Physics if you look closely

It’s the amazing work from dedicated modding communities such as this that truly highlight and bring back the goodness of old PC gaming.

Except of course those faggots who believe it to be funny to consider basic texture overhauls of say DOOM Eternal with the fag flag to be “mods“.

Gaymes have already become absolutely horrid as is over the last decade or so with Japan doing all of the heavy lifting when it comes to proper quality video games, we don’t need nor want faggots devaluing and tarnishing the PC modding community by flooding it with their low quality gay agenda.

Whether you’re already well acquainted with The IdolMasters franchise, Starlit Season is a rather quirky yet soothing game made all the more appealing thanks to English translation and of course mods for us degenerates.