Aokana – EXTRA1 Eroge Visual Novel Features “Manspreading” Localization
August 29, 2022
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Mansplain to me how localization wasn’t a mistake, because I’m fed up with with horseshit like this.

Honestly, we’ve become accustomed to Japanese media in the forms of games, manga and anime specifically featuring bastardized localizations that have been straying further away from direct translations in favor of pushing progressive cancer.

Localization was a mistake, this coming from someone who doesn’t understand Japanese moon runes, pandering Japanese media to western audiences has effectively killed it entirely, since the dawn of 4Kids dubbing to the never-ending duopoly turned monopoly from either Crunchyroll or Funimation, both of which are now collectively owned by Sony.

But of course once niche mediums such as anime and manga have already been destroyed once the flood gates were opened to western nations, but that’s just not enough, wokeness is a cancer after all and the one thing that cancer does best is spread.

And spread it shall as NekoNyan’s adult Visual Novel “AOKANA EXTRA 1” has come under fire upon discovery that the English localization contains unfaithful translations pushing the agenda of “manspreading” further moving the bar that not even visual novels or specifically pornographic content is safe from woke localization.

Manspreading if you’re unfamiliar spiked in popularity almost a decade ago, coined as being a derogatory gesture from men who when sitting down spread their legs apart. This of course was used to socially criminalize men who dare sit down because spreading their legs apart is somehow offensive towards women.

I don’t get it either, what I also do not get is how an adult visual novel somehow contains the very word itself in its translation.

In response to the discovery, another individual provided a more accurate translation of the original Japanese version for Aokana EXTRA1, of which feminist bullshit such as “manspreading” is nowhere to be found.

Mondblut had also discovered during his playthrough another instance of unfaithful translation, this time to a lesser degree, with Aokana EXTRA1 splicing in Romeo and Juliet over Japanese folklore of Orihime and Hikoboshi.

Mondblut makes an excellent point as to why such misdirect translations are necessary considering how prominent the Tanabata Star Festival is among Japanese media, but of course publishers NekoNyan couldn’t really seem to be arsed whether or not the English localization is faithful or not, they still signed off on it regardless.

Feminists and lolcow-izors purposefully use their jobs in pushing their own ideology and agendas into the content they are translating, purposefully doing their job wrong on purpose, these people continue to remain employed probably because of how cheap and plentiful these self hating individuals are compared to others.

Because in this day and age it seems that majority of localized content from Japan has been translated by mundane faggots who actively condemn the media they are translating.

Katrina Leonoudakis” is but one of many who actively push their own agenda in the content they are paid to translate, she’s certainly one of the more notorious cases, fans of the Persona franchise may already have given up knowing how faggotized Persona 5: Royal was in the west, but now they can look forward to ATLUS pushing Katrina’s agenda in the upcoming Persona Trilogy.

Besides her, there’s a far more expensive list that goes over criminally woke translators on Varis Hangout.

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