So many people have been focused on the big subs getting banned on Reddit that was easy to miss out on some of the smaller anti-SJW subs that have been hit in recent times as Reddit continues its purge of non-conformist content. A perfect example of that is the little known sub /r/SJW_Cringe/, which cataloged cringe-worthy moments from Social Justice Warriors, but was banned for being “unmoderated”.

Last month there was a small post over on /r/AgainstSubredditBans/ that noted that 18 days prior Reddit had banned /r/SJW_Cringe/. So while the dates are a little difficult to pin down, /r/SJW_Cringe/ was likely banned at the very beginning of March. If you attempt to visit the sub you’ll be greeted with the following message.

The /r/SJW_Cringe/ sub held nothing back in terms of criticizing Social Justice Warriors. At the time of deletion it had around 5,227 subscribers.

It was one of a few sub-reddits that cataloged goofy moments committed by Social Justice Warriors, keeping their silliness on record for all to witness… for posterity, of course.

Unlike the recently banned /r/CringeAnarchy/, which was another anti-SJW sub, the administrators had a much tougher time trying to find a reason to actually ban /r/SJW_Cringe/. It didn’t break any of Reddit’s basic rules and had no outstanding offending content. So the administrators settled for stating that the sub was “unmoderated”, therefore it had to be banned.

Unfortunately there are no recent archives of the main sub page and Google has already purged the cache for the most recent activity, so it’s impossible to tell what the recent status of the sub was like just before getting banned.

One thing that is known for sure is that according to an archive captured from February 27th, 2019, the sub did have a moderator named realProblemsolution.

Back around April 20th, 2019 realProblemsolution made a thread over on /r/RedditRequest/ asking to have /r/SJW_Cringe/ restored.


What’s interesting is that on the Content Policy page for Reddit, there is no mention that not moderating the community could result in a sub being banned.

Furthermore, the Content Policy was revised as recent as April 30th, 2019 and only lists the following activities that could net you a ban or the closure of a sub:

  • Is illegal
  • Is involuntary pornography
  • Is sexual or suggestive content involving minors
  • Encourages or incites violence
  • Threatens, harasses, or bullies or encourages others to do so
  • Is personal and confidential information
  • Impersonates someone in a misleading or deceptive manner
  • Uses Reddit to solicit or facilitate any transaction or gift involving certain goods and services
  • Is spam

Reddit basically made up a new rule on the fly to ban /r/SJW_Cringe/, which is something that they predicted over on /r/AgainstSubredditBans/. In fact, the community put together a list of prognostications for which subs would be banned next and for what reasons. They also note that Reddit administrators will likely start making up new rules on the fly and keep escalating their authoritarianism until there’s no community left.

At this rate, it doesn’t seem like a far-fetched prophesy at all.

(Main image courtesy of The Patriotic Beast)

NOTE: This article has been republished to honor the journalistic integrity and previous work of William Usher (Billy D) formally of oneangrygamer. The purpose of this is to archive and honor the dedicated efforts of one of the last few people who stood up against the tyranny of faggots and Jews within this field. This is not my work, but it has been bestowed upon me to both preserve and promote the work of Billy D.