Ram tuners beware, you’re going to have a lot of “fun” with first generation DDR5 memory modules just like when DDR4 first made it onto consumer platforms.

The result of DDR4’s launch was that of memory kits that were not much faster than previous generation DDR3 memory yet by comparison offered insanely high timings, nowadays however that problem has been remedied through the extensive use of Samsung’s B-Die memory chips which grants us high memory frequencies with low timings.

But atlas DDR4 memory are more efficient than those of DDR3 kits, which is especially the case for LPDDR memory modules however the main hype that surrounds next-generation DDR5 memory are once again obtaining higher frequencies where traditional DDR4 memory kits tend to cap out, which of course will come with even higher CL timings with fewer volts required meaning yet another drop in power however the only good thing that’s intended to come with DDR5 would be its doubled capacity from what we have now.

That’s right, soon enough 32GB of system memory will be the new standard, and man that’s a lot of chrome tabs.

ASGARD, a chink shit Chinese memory manufacturer that nobody has ever heard of has unveiled some of its DDR5 memory and it must be said that its specifications matches the brand in terms of quality and reliability.

Announced on ithome, the elusive DDR5 memory announced by ASGARD comes with a rating of just 4800MHz which probably does seem high but give it a couple years and this will most certainly be the sort of unbranded 2400MHz trash that you see in stores today.

Much like traditional gayming monitors the product name resembles that of someone faceplanting a keyboard with this disgusting memory being dubbed the “VMA5AUK-MMH224W3” with the particular pictured example coming in a 64GB configuration, however 32GB and 128GB kits are also confirmed.

The listed voltages adhere to the JEDEC standard for DDR5 SDRAM which has a VDD of 1.1V rather than the 1.2V found with DDR4, the timings however are another issue completely with are standardized at CL 40-40-40 which for the rated frequency is just catastrophic.

I’ve seen better from world record setters on current generation DDR4 memory which are operating at much higher frequencies.

While not currently in mass production now, ASGARD have announced that these memory kits will enter mass production just in time for Intel’s 12th Generation Core processors otherwise known as “Alder Lake” which is slated for release sometime during the latter stages of this year, with ASGARD also confirming plans to release LPDDR5 memory for Intel’s Tiger Lake series as well.

And it’s to be assumed that next generation AMD Ryzen processors will support DDR5 memory as well, though given their heavy reliance upon faster memory with lower timings it’s honestly a crapshoot how next generation processors will pair with such garbage RAM because much like with Haswell-E and the first production units of DDR4 memory which were just awful if memory serves quite well the Haswell-E processors had a fucking horrible time coping with the DDR4 as its IMC was just pure shit, with DDR4 coming to the mainstream market with Intel’s 6th generation processors the frequencies from those units were still rubbish.

Want some sound advice? Avoid this shit like the plague, no I’m not talking about some off-brand Chinese crap repackaging rubbish generic memory modules I’m talking about DDR5 memory as a whole. Avoid that shit and the first processors of a newly established platform which will support DDR5 memory for the first year anyway.