Audit reveals AMD graphics drivers as most stable
July 16, 2018
AMD AMD Driver

Independent software testing and quality assurance company QA Consultants released a report today determining that AMD have the most stable graphics drivers in the industry. QA Consultants evaluated the stability of several latest drivers from both AMD and NVIDIA. An overall of 12 different drivers were subjected to 12 days of 24-hour stress testing using CRASH from Microsoft’s Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK).

Gaming and Workstation products from both AMD and NVIDIA were equally represented during the testing phase of 432 tests with AMD coming out the victor with a pass rate of 92.8% compared to NVIDIA with a rate of only 82.4% of scheduled tests.

The testing was done across gaming and workstation cards with varying price points featuring the RX 560, RX 580, Vega 64, WX 3100, WX 7100 and WX 9100 from the AMD camp and the GTX 1050 (2GB), GTX 1060 (3GB), GTX 1080Ti, Quadro P600, Quadro P4000 and Quadro P5000 from NVIDIA.

The testing was rather extensive with six executions of a four-hour CRASH test across 12 identical machines with each GPU in parallel for 12 whole days. Completing a test would result in a pass with the overall stability score being determined on the total amount of passes divided by the total number of attempts.

“In our testing, both AMD gaming and workstation GPUs performed better than the comparable NVIDIA products. Based on our testing of the aforementioned 12 GPUs, we believe that AMD has the most stable graphics driver in the industry” -QA Consultants

You can find the documented findings by QA Consultants here.

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