Bridget Retconned as Being Trans in GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-
August 9, 2022
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Another franchise has dug its own grave following suite with the agenda of forcing identity politics upon players with Guilty Gear -Strive- bringing back the character of Bridget while completely retconning him as being transgender, rather than a crossdresser.

Because of course, it is the (((current year))) after all, we simply cannot mention that a male character simply dresses up as and looks like a woman, of course “she” has to be transgender to be more inclusive.

Bridget made HIS debut back in 2002 with Guilty Gear XX but of course now is a better time than any than to use him to promote inclusivity and “trans” prosperity to those who wish to play the rather endowed fighting game.

Various dialogue lines featured with Bridget in Guilty Gear -Strive- depict him as being “uncomfortable” with his identity, alongside dialogue interaction with Goldlewis Dickinson with Bridget being labeled a “cowgirl” as being acceptable because he identifies as a girl.

Bridget’s backstory is a complex one to say the least, his origin story is pretty fucked up. Born and raised in a superstitious village that seemingly has a bad omen towards same-sex twins, where the birth of identical twin boys would lead to the execution of one of them, to spare their children’s live Bridget had the misfortune of being raised with the appearance of a girl, eventually to put an end to the village’s superstition, Bridget became a bounty hunter.

Naturally of course, to say the least Bridget as a character has made for a very convincing girl, at least at first glance, but of course this is the (((current year))) so just like with Testament Arc Systems are once again retconning an entire character into faggotized binary nonsense that completely disregards established lore.

Sickening, absolutely sickening, fans of the franchise who aren’t faggots themselves get a lethal dose of POZZitivity, forcing political agenda upon players, destroying established character lore is something many players cannot stand.

Though of course it was lovely of Arc Systems to retcon their first transgender character as being one who was forcibly raised by their parents into acting as a girl.

Arc Systems have ruined yet another character, the game and their entire future.

Thankfully, I am not the only one who is utterly repulsed by such bullshit, with the Steam forums lighting up in relegation of degeneration, with plenty of folks rightfully condemning the actions taken by Arc System while of course given that it is Steam there are plenty of gay niggerfaggots who seemingly believe that Steam is confused with Reddit.

Naturally, given that Steam is moderated by the same pretentious faggots that are gleeful over Bridget’s forced identity switch, you can expect the threads to be removed with users whove commented to be banned from the Guilty Gear Strive forum, so I’ve taken liberties of archiving various threads for your own enjoyment.

But of course the bigger question must be asked for the faggots who wish to play as Bridget in Guilty Gear -Strive- now that he’s officially “transgender”.

How exactly does one play as a character that’s trying to commit suicide 50% of the time?

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