Capcom Recasts Ken Masters For SF6 Over Reuben Langdon’s “Controversial” Tweets
September 19, 2022
Capcom David Matrang Reuben Langdon SF6 Street Fighter 6 VA Voice Actor

In an industry plagued with sensitive liberals, the life of a voice actor is one of no morals, in order to retain your position you must go with the flow for any current agenda no matter how big or small, failure to do so will see your career ended in an instant.

Street Fighter 6 introduces a variety of diverse migrants into the fold, the most amount of niggers in the entire franchise, on top of that the game itself will force the player to play as a nigger in its World Tour mode, where you’re forced to fight socioeconomic factors.

Capcom have been on their knees for diversity and enrichment for awhile now, as seen from a leaked corporate presentation praising the diversity of The Last of Us Part 2 and demonizing stereotypes against niggers and faggots.

Honestly I didn’t think it could get much worse than Tekken 8 but I stand corrected.

For its new WOKE installment of the Street Fighter franchise, SF6, Capcom have seemingly decided to recast the character of Ken Masters, with Ken having been voiced by Reuben Langdon since 2008 this comes as a bit of a shock.

The reason why is even more shocking, with Reuben Langdon being replaced by David Matranga for the voice of Ken, Reuben is also infamously known for voicing the character of Dante in the Devil May Cry series since 2005.

The string of tweets made by Reuben announcing that he will not be coming back to voice Ken Masters in Street Fighter 6 are ominous, they do not give off the “vibe” that Langdon left on his own volition.

It’s believed that Reuben Langdon had gotten the sack due to some rather “problematic” tweets the VA had made on twitter over the past couple years.

And what sort of agenda did Reuben dare try and objectify? COVID? Mask mandates?

No. Reuben Langdon dared to question the morals behind the infamous GOYVID lockdowns, but that isn’t all.

Reuben has been doing a bit too much critical thinking, and it has almost certainly cost him his job as a voice actor, one cannot question the safe (and effectiveness) of the coof and subsequent vaccine “clot shots”, while simultaneously defending the bad orange man (Donald Trump) like your average MIGA fanatic.

Meanwhile his replacement, David Matrang is a bonified faggot.

Chances are great that Reuben will also get the sack by Capcom when it comes to voicing Dante in Devil May Cry, chances are also high that David may in fact replace him as Dante as well, given that unlike Reuben, he’s wholeheartedly onboard the COVID bandwagon.

Street Fighter 6 is shaping up into being the most kiked, pozzed fighting game released to date.

With an onslaught of niggers in-game, the removal of Reuben Langdon as the voice of Ken Masters certainly isn’t adding up into being a good thing, but of course the soy-faggot consumer will eat this shit readily.

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