China Vendors Repurpose AMD Radeon RX 6600M as Affordable Discrete Graphics Cards
September 12, 2022

The merge is upon us, just in case you don’t know what that means basically the scam formally known as Ethereum will be moving away from Proof-of-Work instead transforming into a Proof-of-Stake design, formally known as ETH 2.0 this long awaited transition has been hyped to oblivion.

Naturally with hype comes fanatical traders looking to buy into the PoS scam while ignoring the actual downsides meaning that an endless supply of graphics cards will either be moved to second hand markets or mining rigs will have to simply mine something else (with much lower profits).

Millions of miners across the globe will be undoubtedly fucked as ETH transitions to a Proof-of-Stake design, I myself am currently shorting Ethereum pending the merge which is scheduled to take place two days from now.

Moreso with the Chinese whom make up a large portion of cryptocurrency miners themselves, but when the chinks can see that the writing is on the wall for ETH mining.

Previously, bugmen who carry some form of intellect began to salvage mobility graphics cards intended for RTX 3000 series based laptops, since they didn’t carry the LHR restriction at the time they were a perfect alternative for those seeking to maximize their overall hashrates.

The bugmen of China salvaged these mobility chips and instead packaged them in the forms of proper discrete GPUs to obviously be sold to cryptocurrency miners.

They’ve done this for NVIDIA RTX graphics cards so now that ETH mining is all but officially dead it would seem right that the oriental Jews that inhabit China see fit to dump supply of whatever they happen to have, in this case they are once again repackaging mobile GPUs in the form of a discrete graphics card.

Chinese merchants are repackaging AMD Radeon RX 6600M mobility graphics cards for sale as dGPU’s, but unlike prior attempts as seen with the NVIDIA RTX 3060M and 3070M graphics cards, the actual specifications for the 6600M remain constant whether its a mobility product or discrete.

On top of that the actual pricing for these laptop GPUs is actually really affordable, dangerously so.

Here in Australia, a typical Radeon RX 6600 will set you back $360 AUD ($246 USD), while these mobility GPUs can be purchased from Aliexpress for $283 AUD ($194 USD) of which all things considered in this current market climate these “low-end” graphics cards are seriously overpriced for general consumers, while you’re forgoing warranty, quality and the high risk that your new Chinkland GPU has most certainly been thrashed to mine crypto, savings of over 20% is quite hard to ignore.

A YouTuber who goes by Miyconst took the chance to try out the illusive Radeon RX 6600M dGPU.

Miyconst’s findings are pretty much what you’d expect, looking at the specifications between the desktop and mobility variants of the Radeon RX 6600, both of which share almost identical specifications barring the base and boost frequencies, while the mobility part is vastly more efficient than the desktop’s.

It’s generally a win, both discrete and mobility products are essentially one in the same however one is more rather binned for use in laptop devices, Miyconst was able to overclock the RX 6600M by a fairly significant amount, however any actual attempt in overclocking the GPU’s memory was met with instant failure.

Game performance is roughly on par with the desktop equivalent, all while using slightly less power overall, and because of that the general temperatures and noise that comes from the shoddy Chinese craftsmanship cooler isn’t that bad.

The cooler itself is barebones and obviously rubbish, with rather small amounts of aluminum fins, the GPU die itself makes contact with two small copper heat pipes, rather than a copper baseplate, but considering the sort of power the card itself is capable of and the consumption required it generally shouldn’t be a problem but it’s probably a deal breaker to some.

Obviously, the reason for these GPUs is because Chinese companies bought up these mobility GPUs in large quantities, more than likely cheaper than the desktop equivalent and it seems they wish to dispose of them in a less than timely fashion.

And it sorta shows, when purchasing one of these illusive “discrete” GPUs you have the option of buying the RX 6600M with or without a Mining BIOS, generally without the BIOS you can expect a measly 26 MH/s while with the BIOS you can apparently get up to 31 MH/s.

All things considered, these are not real graphics cards that are officially recognized by AMD, but they are completely functional and operational, for those looking to obtain a graphics card for their PC you’ve got several options.

Either wait a month or two, for the announcement of the next generation from AMD and NVIDIA, once that happens retail outfits will be rather quick to dump their stock of current generation hardware, enjoy the explosion of cryptocurrency mining following the ETH merge by purchasing a used (and abused) GPU, something along the likes of NVIDIA’s RTX 2000 series or AMD RX 5700/XT aught to suffice for very affordable prices soon enough.

Or even buy this, if I didn’t retain my older graphics card for a second system I would actually consider buying the RX 6600M, although its Chinese and the quality control is probably garbage, it still offers exceptional value and performance on par with the desktop equivalent of which are heavily overpriced for its respective SKU tier.

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