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Funded by the Australian tax payer, Shekelhertz was originally conceived back in 2017 under a different domain.

Shekelhertz was created in partnership with other enthusiasts of PC consumer hardware and the video gaming industry, the purpose of our existence is quite simple honestly.

We wish to establish ourselves as the only place where one can hear about the latest, free from corporate handouts swaying our views.

Free from the tyranny of the Jew, needless to say that journalistic integrity is our main focus.

We want to bring back REAL journalism, unlike these modern day faggots indoctrinating the goyim with their liberal propaganda.

Here at Shekelhertz we voice our honest opinions, delivering news the way it should be. Free from any paid manipulation or forcing degenerate agendas onto our viewers. If a company fucks up or bends the knee you can bet that we’ll be sure to report on it both honestly and in the manner that it deserves.

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If you have any questions about some of the content or have any insight for potential articles please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help.

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