Department of Homeland Security to Waste $700K Researching “Right-Wing Extremism” in Online Video Games
September 23, 2022
ADL Anti-Defamation League Bully Hunters Right-Wing Extremism

I wonder if there’s any correlation between gamers and “extremist” political views stemming from the obvious fact that game developers themselves are getting more and more blatant when it comes to the fact that they simply despise the consumer, pushing faggotry and anti-white sentiment in the games they produce.

Critical thinking like that will soon be studied and documented as the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) aims to invest $699,763 in research aimed at monitoring and evaluating extremist and radical activities across multiplayer video games.

Research will be conducted across various largescale multiplayer games by the Middlebury Institute’s Center on Terrorism, Extremism and Counter-Terrorism alongside the “Take This” organization which focuses on “mental health” in the video game industry and another organization called “Logically” which focuses on the clampdown of online “bad behavior”.

Though I am a little discouraged how the aforementioned research isn’t being fronted by such proud organizations as Bully Hunters or Melanin Gamers.

This waste of shabbos goy (((tax))) dollars is being utilized to find ways to “counter radicalize” individuals in video games, alongside combatting terrorist recruitments through video games, but naturally of course nothing will be done of the rampant epidemic of child grooming that goes on behind the servers of online games such as Roblox.

Pedophilia is apparently not worthy of (((their))) time, but having doubt over miraculous masturbation machines and wooden doors will put you on their radar.

Much like how the ADL weaseled their way into the games industry on a large scale, such as by defaming the world’s largest DRM distribution storefront, Steam, into combatting “vile racists” who dared to purchase games digitally.

The Department of Homeland Security aims to set standardized practices and centralized resources for monitoring, evaluating and detecting extremist individuals in video games.

Probably so the FBI can get in touch with more individuals to shoot up malls and grocery stores.

It’s evident for all to see that the biggest issue that the world currently faces isn’t the blatant kikery of political officials nor is it the hike in child abuse as children are being indoctrinated by predatory faggots about the LGTV community.

The real issue that this world faces are evil white supremacist gamers who deny obvious truths, such as the holocaust death coasters, it’s actually bizarre if I’m being honest because obviously they’re going to probe online video games that are of course popular right, a larger testing pool to gauge vile racists.

Except for the fact that video games, especially those made within the last several years are merely conventional propaganda pieces disguised as video games, I am of course speaking of large online games such as Apex Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Tim Sweeney’s Fortnite and presumably games such as GTA Online and Call of Duty.

All of these games are horrible, faggotized trash that only normie simpletons would dare play, so straight away the testing pool of “radical” individuals consist of soyboy faggots who believe in the six million, niggers (whom are Jewish pets) and the very same predatory faggots who use these games to prey on underage children.

What’s even the point other than to funnel money to so called (((non-profit))) organizations, if anything it’s blatant kike chutzpah like this that radicalizes individuals in the first place.

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