Digital Foundry on Suicide Watch – Project EVE Releases in 2023 as Stellar Blade
September 14, 2022
Alex Battaglia Digital Fountry Euro Gamer Project EVE Stellar Blade

Puritan faggots will once again be outraged over Korean developed Project EVE as it looks to finally release sometime next year although under a new name: Stellar Blade.

“Project EVE” is another typical hack and slash action game, developed by Korean studio “Shift Up” the game was initially revealed back in early 2019.

Seemingly nothing has come from Shift Up regarding the status of Project EVE until suddenly the game itself was sporadically featured in one of Sony PlayStation’s showcase events back in the middle of last year.

Then seemingly nothing, no longer was Project EVE mentioned, aside from the fact that it has now become a PlayStation exclusive title, which is fairly concerning considering how developers Shift Up have gradually gone against cultural norms by having Project EVE feature what others dare to demonize.

A beautiful and feminine female protagonist, dare I even say sexualized to boot. The reveal of the game has sparked controversy simply because of the fact that the gooks don’t idolize bull dyke lesbians.

The worst thing a video game can do in the (((current year))) would be to design females as being feminine, with certain “assets” that allure your eyes and attention.

Faggots such as Alex Battaglia, who works for Euro Gamer / Digital Foundry was rather appalled during the 2021 presentation of Project EVE, demonizing how the game itself puts an emphasis on the main characters sexuality.

About how “old fashioned” the game is when it comes to how Project EVE depicts a strong female protagonist without making her masculine, going as far as to compare Project EVE to the likes of Forespoken.

An ugly nigger, need I say more?

Game media journalists are all raging faggots, demonizing everything that isn’t unsympathetically gay, with “sexist” character designs spanning from NieR Automata, Bayonetta and even Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Simply put, if a straight man is repulsed by something, to these people that makes it exceptionally great.

Alex Battaglia himself is a hypocritical faggot, crying about the proportions of character design in Project EVE while demonizing its sexuality as if it were a game from the early 2000’s.

All the while Alex who prior to becoming another Jewish pawn in the gaming industry, he previously worked as a male model, mainly for faggotry purposes such as when Alex modeled for German BDSM fashion brand, Obectra.

Along with previously modeling nude.

His benign faggotry aside, Project EVE has seemingly been MIA for a year now, that was until the latest Sony PlayStation State of Play event of which Project EVE has had quite the transformation.

Not quite the transformation you would expect given that Project EVE or more rather Stellar Blade is now an exclusive to the PS5, the Korean developed hack and slasher hasn’t toned down its feminine designs one single bit.

Since it’s a PlayStation 5 exclusive automatically the game is a write off, but this is certainly one of those special occasions where the inevitability of Stellar Blade launching on PC down the track is certainly a positive thing.

And I also cannot wait for the collective hivemind of journalist faggots to review bomb this game for being “sexist”.

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