Domina Pulled From Steam After Developer Mocks Trannies With Latest Update
September 2, 2022
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The only game deserving of a purchase on Steam gets even better.

If faggots can “transition” and pretend to be the opposite sex, why can’t games? Domina is an amazing gladiator management simulation game, and its developer sure isn’t a stranger when it comes to sparking controversy.

Previously, the graceful mind behind Domina went on a anti-mask binge for all to see in the games patch notes, naturally this spread far and wide across the lesbionic-plains of Reddit where gullible goyim urinalists (including myself) took advantage of the situation by writing about it, subsequently bringing MORE attention to Domina and leading to increased outrage (and more sales).

Happy to help in spreading Domina and the developers righteous cause, because now instead of demonizing mask mandates and vax agendas, Domina’s developer is outright calling out mentally deranged troons with the latest game update titled: DOMINUS v1.3.25 (deadname: domina).

Domina’s latest update starts off strong with the game formally known as Domina transitioning into the DOMINUS it was always meant to be.

This of course is an obvious ploy to simply mock disfigured trannies using their own ideology against them, considering how the description starts off with:

We’re Out of Ideas, Mentally Unstable, Totally Degenerate, & Desperate for Clout – Lets Pretend We’re A Completely Different Game to Regain Relevance!

While the entirity of the path notes themselves are filled with sarcasm hyping up the games “transition” eluding to those who cannot accept whom DOMINUS the game truly is as being vile hateful bigots.

Please do not be a bigot. If you are confused, please simply stop being confused and remember that DOMINA doesn’t exist and never did, but DOMINUS does exist, and always has, you just didn’t know you were playing a man, who was dressed as a woman, but now that we reveal it to you, you have NO RIGHT to feel deceived.

The same way the poor drunk dudes who transvestites like Keffals had sexual intercourse with, without disclosing that they were a man, have no right to feel wronged and you’re a bigot for being confused or even mentioning something like that happening, let alone having an opinion about it.

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant, all the while the actual patch notes for Domina v1.3.25 fix a couple of in-game bugs it is also used as a means of highlighting how faggots, trannies and Jews indoctrinate children with benign faggotry and sodomy.

Domina’s patch notes come with an included hyperlink regarding children being indoctrinated into believing that they are transgender, of which majority of tranny faggots eventually end up committing suicide.

The reasoning behind Domina devs latest tirade probably has to do with the fact that the Jewish faggot community moderators at Valve actually banned him from his games own community forums.

Even if the empire around them crumbles, gladiators do what’s righteous, the toughest men throughout history, it’s a trodden shame that the Roman Empire succumbed to the Jewish plague.

Naturally, once again the liberal faggots of Reddit caught wind of Domina’s latest update condemning mental illness and sodomy, despite the thread quickly being locked within the span of 24 hours it garnered enough attention to drag it to the very top of r/Steam.

Out of the 418 comments that were managed to be made on the thread, there’s but only two that truly matter from the onslaught of kvetching predditors.

While if you look at Domina on Steam you’ll quickly find that the ability to purchase the game has simply been removed entirely.

While the game cannot be purchased on Steam and probably won’t be back on sale as I can guarantee you that the developer will be annexed from the Kosher storefront, Trannies and Jews are the only groups of people of whom you cannot criticize without repercussion in this (((clown world))).

However, right before being pulled from Steam if we were to check the price of Domina through SteamDB, particularly in the country of Israel…

Truly. Based.

You will find that Domina’s developer has in fact raised the longstanding price of Domina from 36.95 shekels ($10.87 USD) to 273.95 shekels ($80.63) of which said price has at least lasted for just over two weeks before the game itself had been shoah’d off the Steam Store.

If not for supporting the developers, when the game inevitably does get banned from Steam perhaps you may want to consider buying Domina from one of the several (((CD Key))) storefronts as a means of flushing out your account with one of the most “offensive” games released in modern times.

Let it be known that while DOMINUS is no longer with us, its grave will still feature its birth name of Domina.

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