EMBRACER CEO Disappointed by WOKE Saints Row Reboot’s Pulverizing Reception
September 23, 2022
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Volition employees won’t be paying off their student loans judging by the “success” of their latest title.

How many times do we have to gloss over the same old trope, go woke, go broke, and with that another franchise has been brought back from the dead only to be toiled as a tool to push woke propaganda essentially killing the entire franchise for good and hopefully Volition as well.

SAINTS ROW has had a horrible reception, given that the game itself is more or less a visualization of how Volition perceive millennials, nobody seemed to enjoy it despite how the game perfectly captured the everyday lives of game journalists.

The reboot is anything but Saints Row, but an amalgamation of faggotry and censorship with the reboot donning less features than previous installments alongside censoring locations such as Freckle Bitches and Rim Jobs to “FB’s” and Jim Robs as to not stir controversy with modern audiences over raunchy and “derogatory” names.

The game itself released in a broken and buggy state, aside from its lifeless Fortnite like visuals, it was quite obvious that the game despite being delayed was still unpolished and rushed, the faggotized characters were unlikeable and the cinematic cutscenes were the bare definition of the word “cringe”.

Faggot journalists hated it, players hated it, absolutely nobody likes this woke piece of shit, but because of that, Saints Row as a franchise had the biggest consumer exposure for all of the wrong reasons.

Needless to say, the game flopped and Embracer’s CEO isn’t happy about that, which makes me happy.

Lars Wingefors, CEO of the Embracer Group spoke about the lucrative failure formally known as Saints Row during an annual general meeting for shareholders, glossing over upcoming products from the various studios under the Embracer fold with its bigwig CEO on stage answering various questions.

Lars Wingefors spoke the usual corporate spiel when it comes to damage control over flops such as the Saints Row Reboot.

“Personally, I had hoped for a greater reception to the game, It’s been very polarizing. There are a lot of things that could be said in detail around it, but I’m with one hand happy to see lots of gamers and fans happy, and at the same time I’m a bit sad to also see fans not happy, so it’s difficult.“

It’s fairly obvious that Lars is talking out of his arse specifically when mentioning that “lots of gamers and fans” are happy, nobody is generally receptive of the woke abomination of Saints Row, not even the faggots they’ve bribed with early preview demos actually deem the title to be a success since release.

As for the profitability in terms of game sales? Given how the reboot came to the PC as an Epic Game Store exclusive, naturally, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeny had already paid for everyone’s copies because the game itself was cracked on day 0.

“I think we need to wait for the quarterly report in November to have more details around this,” he said. “We’re still fairly early in our release window and still collecting data, and there is also bug fixing and more content coming.

On the financial side, I know, or I’m confident we will make money on the investment. Would it have as great a return on investment as we have seen in many other games? Not very likely, but we will make money, and that’s a very good starting point at least.”

At least Embracer can take solace from the fact that Epic Games have arbitrarily paid for majority of the development costs given that Volition are heavily staffed by greenhorn liberal faggots, I cannot possibly imagine such a universal train wreck being able to shift the required units on its lonesome.

A small price to pay for annexing not just one of their most popular franchises they own but also Volition will more than likely dissolve following official records of how much the Saints Row Reboot has cost them.

But then again CyberPunk 2077 has found new fame (and sales) thanks to its cancerous “anime” adaptation by Studio Trigger, once again reiterating how far anime has fallen as it’s more or less being used as an art style to pander faggotry garbage to normies across the globe.

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