Encapsulate Wokeness With Final Fantasy VII Remake Tifa NIGGERIZATION Mod
September 5, 2022
Final Fantasy VII Remake Game Mod Race Swap Square Enix Tifa woke

The PC game “modding” scene is truly on its last legs.

I shouldn’t have to divulge once again into how Final Fantasy VII’s so called “remake” is merely woke trash, just like every other modern interpretation of a video game, especially if it’s a remake or remaster (like Saints Row).

Square Enix is a sinking ship, living paycheck to paycheck as they continue to bastardize old franchises with “HD” re-releases of which are hilariously censored, if not for those and the bastardization of the Final Fantasy franchise Square Enix would already be six feet under.

But of course, with the faggotization of Final Fantasy VII and its trilogy of “remakes”, its small frugal community would desperately try and uplift poor gameplay and woke interjection through game mods.

Typically in this case, modders would try and make a horrible game more redeemable by giving female characters nude mods, but this is the (((current year))) and the Final Fantasy VII Remake is certainly a game for the modern generation.

There’s been a whole lot of bullshit recently regarding the PC release of Marvel’s Spider-Man and the modifications made regarding in-game pride flags.

Because of course faggots, trannies, kikes and coons are a protected class of parasite in our (((society))), game modifications dare removing the pride flag for the American flag was met with worldwide attention (negative attention obviously).

We like attention, so much so that we made our own mod pack.

Such “horrific” mods forced the hands of several prominent mod hosting websites such as Nexus, Moddb and Gamebanana to ban such mods from their services, other mods featuring the Petoria flag and the Ukrainian flag were removed as well because faggots deserve “human rights”, moreso than anyone else.

Such similar controversy came to be regarding modifications to Pokemon Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch of which white washed the character of Nessa, the mod itself was merely based off of fanart of the character from artists who dared to use lighter shades of skin color than the original design.

The artwork along with the mod sparked outrage over the usual hugboxes of Twitter and Reddit, SJW faggots crying racist isn’t anything new by any means, but the mod itself was seemingly shoah’d for being “racist”.

However, something that totally isn’t racist and will never be removed for being as such would be to race swap characters that are white and turning them into disgusting niggers.

The Tifandra mod is a mod for Final Fantasy VII Remake that turns Tifa into an ugly negress, and quite honestly I wouldn’t expect anything less for the perfectly normal and sane individuals who play the Remake.

And honestly I am actually quite shocked that this modification didn’t in fact give Tifa blonde hair as well, because there’s nothing more disgusting than a nigger with blonde hair.

The hilariously disgusting race swap looks about as halfarsed as AMAZOG’s Lost Ark MMO.

The PC modding community today happens to be infested with faggots and woketards who honestly believe such bullshit is tolerable, but of course Nexus along with other websites will gladly host such rubbish on their service, but of course if the races were swapped there’d be journalistic outrage.

Much like how American Krogan had gotten so much attention for mentioning how he was preparing a de-niggerization mod for Fallout 4, arguably the worst game in the entire franchise.

Nothing is generally spared from these faggots now, as the sodomy infused cancerous plague has been spreading to ROM hacks and emulation as well.

Thankfully such garbage mods remain fixated on equally garbage video games, with the Final Fantasy VII Remake deviating so much from the original content, adding in nonsensical bullshit to bump playtime making the game unenjoyable if you’ve actually experienced the original.

Someone shared this piece of shit with me and it made me sick, so now I’m sharing it with you.

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