Fallout 76 and Life is Strange: True Colors Under Fire by Chinese Review Bombing for Anti-Communist Hersey

I just fucking love it when evil undoubtedly eats itself, and here we have a major win as we watch commies rip and tear into garbage SJW infested gaymes with a torrential flood of negative reviews.

To kick things off, Fallout 76 is a fucking horrible game, initially plagued with bugs, glitches and of course cheaters and exploits but that’s not what we care about today. Because over the two and half years since Fallout 76 has been out it has desperately tried to redeem itself in the eyes of the consoomer though the game itself is still without question complete and utter garbage (Go play New Vegas instead).

Now like all other MMO’s or in the case of Fallout 76, shitty games that try and emulate being an MMO it’s quite obvious that majority of the player base for such games particularly come from the glorious Peoples Republic of China, since the Chinese play such a massive role in player count figures for any massively online game it’s probably for the best if you didn’t try and piss them off.

Luckily for us and devastatingly so for Bug-thesda, they’ve done exactly this following their latest seasonal update “The Unstoppables vs The Diabolicals” for Fallout 76.

Seasonal updates for Fallout 76 generally bring mundane daily and weekly challenges to keep player activity up on a dying online game followed with new microtransaction bullshit to buy over at the in-game store, however what has gotten the Chinese all riled up is that with these new missions brings to the game of Fallout 76 the People’s Liberation Army.

Where these new daily / weekly missions have you take down PLA “Liberator” enemies over at their secret base, for the clearly traumatized communists these seasonal missions outright force them to take down beloved Liberation Army forces.

Obviously such anti-Chinese missions would result in an outrage from avid Chinese players…. not that there will be any following China’s crackdown on underage gaming by limiting fun rations to just three hours per week.

But anyway, the Chinese players of Fallout 76 are clearly upset by the depiction of PLA NPCs being “hostile” so they’ve done what seems to be quite popular as of late and that is to review bomb the game on Steam.

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Chinese players have gone full PLA themselves by bombarding Fallout 76 with negative reviews on Steam, not that I can understand as to why exactly typically because communists killing each other is ironically a staple of communism, but in all honesty this is Bethesda and Fallout 76 we’re talking about here so this entire outcome is a win for actual gaming enthusiasts.

What we should really be doing in this situation is to point and laugh while Chinese players are savagely mad over Fallout 76 but also apparently Life is Strange?

You didn’t mishear me when I said it, Chinese players are also pissed off over Life is Strange: True Colors and my first reaction to this obviously is to die with laughter but also question why exactly isn’t this degenerate fucking series banned in the region?

Or maybe Xi Jinping’s newfound weapon to control his populous is to infect them with soy-filled trash such as Life is Strange.

Who fucking knows, if you don’t know about the Life is Strange series for the love of god consider yourself lucky. Because the Life is Strange franchise was developed by a no-name developer who seemingly rose from the depths of hell to grace us with its degeneracy as Life is Strange titles are merely episodic drama stories that has one wondering whether or not Netflix actually made a video game, and with the amount of diversity and pedophilic nature of the series you certainly would fool me if it actually was.

So why are the Chinese upset over the latest in the gay franchise, Life is Strange: True Colors? Because the developers are seemingly inclusive enough to depict gay / lesbian bullshit with underage characters but are seemingly unaware that showcasing a (free Tibet)an flag in its game would undoubtedly stir some shit with the Chinese.

Because the Chinese seemingly own everything, from Taiwan to Tiber, the Tibetan flag is not recognized by the PRC and as such the flag is deemed a symbol of Tibetan independence.

So obviously once dirty Chinksects found out that Life is Strange: True Colors features the flag of Tibet in the game they responded similarly to their reaction of being forced to kill fellow commie allies in Fallout 76.

They review bombed it.

Honestly, it’s truly sad how the only negative reception the faggot game has actually gotten comes from angry gay Chinese fanatics upset over a fucking flag but that’s the sort of reality we’re in these days. True blooded gamers are just hard to come by as we’ve been replaced by endless hoards of consoomer liberal faggots wasting money away on dreary garbage like you see above, especially microtransactions.

Thankfully upon being discovered to contain the Tibetan flag, the game has been entirely erased in China proving that an angry chink is more petty than a conniving Jew but I digress.

I believe it’s quite sad how such mundane bullshit has sparked mass outrage for such cancerous game titles but at the end of the day the evil will undoubtedly eat itself so this time around I’d consider this a win for actual gamers regarding Chinese gaymers getting outraged at SJW entities.

Here I was hoping that the Chinese can just be happy for their allotted three hours of fun rations but in all honesty I sincerely hope that more chinks pile onto these garbage games, defending the honor of the People’s Republic for glorious social credit scores of course.