FromSoftware Signs its Death Warrant Following 30.34% Acquisition by Sony and Tencent in Joint Venture
September 1, 2022
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The writing has been on the wall for ages, I’m honestly shocked nobody bought them sooner.

Two of the most cancerous companies on the planet, Sony and Tencent have joined forces in buying up 30.34% of shares of FromSoftware from KADOKAWA.

Elden Ring’s success isn’t much of a surprise, normies all over the globe have rated it highly, despite all the faggotry and god awful character customization, the latest Dark Souls copy paste has sold tens of millions of units, over 900,000 current players during the first week of launch alone.

Essentially painting a target on the backs of the developers if there wasn’t one already following the likes of Sekiro, Bloodborne and the aforementioned Dark Souls franchise.

The biggest “issue” we face today are gigantic mega corporations such as the like of Tencent, Microsoft, Sony, EMBRACER and whoever else essentially buying up game developers / publishers both big and small, eventually majority of games developed will be mere puppets of one of these aforementioned corporations.

This is obviously bad, at least for regular consumers anyway, but for us who simply despise the woke faggotry garbage such companies continue to push out on a regular basis? We love the thought of the modern games industry being monopolized, as it would ensure a quicker demise and if god willing perhaps another video game crash may be over the horizon.

Anyways, FromSoftware’s parent company, KADOKAWA has recently gone on a binge of sodomy and diversity as the company’s future is most certainly heading down the toilet as censorship is more than certainly coming over the coming years, that aside from that KADOKAWA has willingly come to an agreement to fork over 30.34% of FromSoftware to both Tencent Holdings and Sony Interactive Entertainment in a press release.

Sony Interactive Entertainment now owns a 14.09 percent stake in FromSoftware while Tencent owns 16.25 percent share of the pie, KADOKAWA still remains the largest owner of the once Japanese developers with a 69.66% stake.

Sony is no stranger to wasting money, having recently burned $3.6 Billion dollars in acquiring Bungie who’ve done nothing but fall from grace since leaving the “tyrannical” rulership of Microsoft in favor of Activision, which went about as well as expected.

FromSoftware in recent memory has essentially been whoring themselves out to individual publishers such as Bandai Namco, Sony and Activision in flipping the bill for the latest installment of Dark Souls, now fortunately for them it’ll be Sony who flips the bill in keeping the lights on for FromSoftware as they progressively introduce more niggery and faggotry onto their army of normie fanatics.

Elden Ring has been a MAJOR success for them, despite being one of the worst titles produced by FromSoftware, with so much attention and copies sold, the sheer amount of normie attention towards Elden Ring has sparked major Jewish interests in the company, ripe for the picking to generate shekels and to push certain (((agendas))) that go far beyond “Body Type A/B”.

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