GALAX Showcases Soy-ful GAMER DDR5 RGB Memory Modules That Are Compatible With LEGO?

Memory for the Duplo-lusional gaymer.

If you’re not one of those who’ve already signed up into being a dumb as frog shit testing dummy for upcoming DDR5 memory you may want to reconsider.

Because let’s be honest here, much like how the previous generation was it’s an already well known fact that the first iteration of DDR5 memory modules are absolutely horrible.

The only “positive” aspect of the transition to DDR5 would be the massively increased capacity where the age-old (2x8GB) configuration will thankfully be a thing of the past where 32GB of system memory will now hopefully be the norm…. instead however new technology doesn’t come cheap where in the case of DDR5 you’ll actually be getting inferior kits for much more than one could easily purchase moderate frequency low latency DDR4 memory kits equaling 32GB.

Pricing is horrible and so is the latency, with most performance offerings coming in at 4800MHz or (much) greater, the CL timings are just fucking horrid all round, even in the case of G.Skill’s upcoming Trident Z5 lineup which will offer a theoretical maximum of DDR5-6400 at CL36-36-36-76 which will no doubt be the first-gen DDR5 kits to buy putting everyone else to shame.

But you just fucking know, considering how much G-Skill loved to gouge with ancient Samsung B-Die DDR4 memory kits that flaunting lesser shit DDR5 memory in the form of 6400MHz CL-36-36-36-76 it’s not going to come cheap and yet despite pushing more bandwidth the latency will be utterly humiliated by even the most dogshit of 3200MHz+ DDR4 memory.

Latency is the absolute king when it comes to performance gaming, I don’t know about you but I quite honestly don’t give two shits about overpriced 32GB kits of what’s essentially 3200MHz CL18 memory all because it’s brand spanking new.

Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake CPUs will be the first to utilize brand new DDR5 memory and I quite honestly cannot wait to see performance comparisons between quality DDR4 memory kits and the abundance of DDR5 filth that will undoubtedly plague the market in time for its release.

But quite honestly the most interesting way of enticing gayming goys into buying subpar DDR5 trash certainly has to go to GALAX who’ve really been thinking outside the box.

What you see before you is the new GAMER series of DDR5 memory modules from GALAX, which has a clever heat spreader design to resemble that as if it were made from LEGO because hilariously enough it’s actually compatible with LEGO bricks or other knock-off building blocks.

Now obviously unlike the unique style design the specifications pale in comparison as these kits will initially arrive with the standard 4800MHz frequency of DDR5 in a 2x16GB configuration with larger and smaller capacities of 2x32GB and 2x8GB memory kits arriving in the future with higher frequencies to boot.

To blind you from the fact that GALAX has gone and sold you absolute cancerous DDR5 memory for barbaric prices because you’re retarded, each GAMER RGB DDR5 memory kit comes with 6 accommodating mountable bricks to insert on top to eccentricate its RGB lighting with consumers being able to customize to their hearts content with their own designs.

This “innovative” design will surely go over well with the man-child crowd of LEGO enthusiasts raised on soy-formula by single mothers because quite honestly if the goyim can make their own custom designs without a doubt some faggot is going to be going with the LEGO Star Wars route because this LEGO compatible DDR5 memory is undoubtedly retarded, and I’m not just talking about the horrible memory itself but the design as well.