Google Sends Stadia to The Gulag – Shuts Down Games & Entertainment Development Studios


Now that I’ve gotten the obvious out of the way, Google has effectively sealed the fate for the oh so beloved Stadia platform by annexing their large scale in-house games development studio.

You’ve heard that right, the company well known for creating and killing off literally every entity it has ever created has put the writing on the wall for another one of its amazing blunders. A quick look over at the “Goolag Graveyard” and you’ll notice a trend here.

After a tenure of just little over a year, Google announced in a blog post that it has indeed shut down its in-house game development studios located in Los Angeles and Montreal before either of which had actually developed any games for the “platform”.

With both studios getting the axe it’s pretty obvious that Google has next to zero expectations going forward with the Stadia platform as it quite literally just scrapped plans to develop games in-house for the “system”.

However Google has stated that they’re trying to relocate the developers whose jobs were lost into other areas of Google. Though I’m pretty sure that only a marginal percent of SG&E’s staff will retail a position elsewhere with the company.

Because Jade Raymond, a reject from Ubisoft who was brought onto the Stadia Games and Entertainment team to lead has confirmed that he has abandoned the Google Stadia ship entirely as he exits Google entirely.

Cloud gaming is nothing new, it has been tried and tested numerous times for different target audience and yet with each and every attempt the result always ends up being a failure.

OnLive and GeForce Now are just a few of many attempts to capitalize on this abysmal market. The Steam Link by Valve and who could forget the god horrid Playstation Now.

By design, cloud gaming is a rather unique concept but I’m afraid it will never be perfected. Who in their right mind wants to pay for a gay little monthly subscription on top of an additional fee for shit such as a controller in the case of Stadia where you’re subjected to games being pulled frequently off the platform such as with GeForce Now and of course the kicker being that you’ll have to purchase the games you wish to stream…. potentially even for a second time because with these streaming platforms you don’t actually own shit.

Because with Sony’s Playstation Now scam you could insert your disc of a PS1 or PS2 game as much as you’d like. There’s no emulation to be found on the actual system even though it’s entirely possible. Sony instead force the consumers onto the Playstation Store where they’d have to buy their fucking games AGAIN and then they can finally enjoy the horrible latency that comes with cloud gaming.

Meanwhile with the Stadia it’s much of the same story really, it’s target audience and marketing depict the Stadia as a sort of console which it obviously fucking isn’t. You buy your monthly subscription, receive your shitty little Stadia controller and proceed to fork over any and all credentials to our overlords at Google setting up your Stadia account oh which you don’t have access to your Steam library, you’re then forced to buy your games….. for the Stadia platform.

Entirely digital, entirely secure. You bought your games potentially for the second time on the Stadia to enjoy some high latency low intensity gayming. But if you step out of line, dare utter wrong think. You and your stadia account are tied to your Google account remember? If you’re a naughty goy not only does your account get shoa’d but your Stadia becomes an even more useless brick.

You’ve just lost access to all of your games because you never owned them in the first place, retard.

Google Stadia launched back during the end of 2019 and it was revealed to the public as being the biggest joke in modern day gaming culture and at least in that regard the Google Stadia has more than lived up to those expectations.

Internet bandwidth and latency (lag) are tremendous issues that plague the garbage cloud gaming service known as Stadia. With the platform being advertised as having a requirement of 10 Mbps internet or greater, and that’ll only get you gayming at 720p on the platform.

The greater your bandwidth, the less compressed and “higher resolution” you’d be able to game with on the Stadia though I’m afraid the latency is always going to be shit. Don’t go expecting to play any fast pace or competitive action titles, especially those that are multiplayer focused.

But even then, the compression when gaming on the Stadia is laughable.

At the low 10 Mbps requirement, gaming on the Stadia platform will chew up 4.5 GB of your data PER HOUR. Bump that shit up to to 1080p and it becomes 12.6 GB per hour while retards who’ve purchased the Stadia Pro providing they have sufficient bandwidth can expect to consume 20GB an hour with “4K” gaming.

I’m sorry but not everyone actually has access to such high speeds but the biggest issue here happens to be those who are not on an unlimited internet plan. Because if you’re anymore than a casual gamer you’re more than certainly going to be reaching that data cap.

Google’s Stadia is more than certainly a dead-end platform that is merely on life support at this current time. Expect to see Google Stadia in the Google Graveyard within around two years time.