Gotham Knights Is A WOKE Train Wreck
September 13, 2022
Ann Lemay Batman DC Comics Gotham Knights woke

Batman is dead. When a game or any other sort of media begins with that sentence you’re in for a wild ride of bullshit and woke faggotry.

Gotham Knights is an open world action quote-on-quote “RPG” that focuses more or less on the co-op functionality for its gameplay, originally revealed back in 2020 the game itself is set for release next month.

But of course for a DC property, in the current year you can guarantee that Gotham Knights was designed to be inclusive from the very beginning.

Batman is dead, and it’s up to the “Batman Family” of ragtag faggots and Mary Sues to rise up and protect the city of Gotham.

Featuring Robin, who shockingly enough is still portrayed as being white, other characters include “Batgirl” because of course a co-op experience of the “Bat Family” cannot conceivably be without a female character, Red Hood and Nightwing round out the last of the playable characters.

Visually speaking, gameplay of Gotham Knights looks rather uninspiring, not quite to such an extent as the recent Saints Row Reboot but this garbage looks bland and generic nonetheless, but you can guarantee from a story perspective that Gotham Knights is going to be an inclusive failure.

I’m sure the woke characteristics of Gotham Knight extend far beyond the faggotization of Harley Quinn.

Gotham Knights isn’t being developed by Rocksteady Studios like previous Batman Arkham installments, more rather the entirety of the footwork is being handled by WB Games Montreal, who as a development studio have done absolutely jack shit since being established in 2010.

Their real rise to fame comes in the form of development of Batman: Arkham City…….’s port for the Nintendo Wii U, followed by various browser games along with assisting Splash Damage on Arkham Origins, Splash Damage are most known for the fantastical flop of Brink.

So Gotham Knights is in good hands, especially when you delve into the fact that the head writer for Gotham Knights happens to be Ann Lemay.

Ann Lemay has quite the extensive history in the video game industry, as a writer she has helped massive companies such as Ubisoft and EA Games produce big budget receptacle failures.

Aside from the obvious fact that she looks like a bull dyke lesbian, her repertoire of games she assisted in writing for include Watch Dogs Legion, Mass Effect 3, Omega and Andromeda, she assisted in writing Dragon Age Inquisition and wrote the script for Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Whole load of garbage there, but after being given her marching orders from Ubisoft and EA Games, Ann Lemay is now free to express herself and her cancerous ideologies to her hearts content in WB Games Montreal where she is the lead writer and narrative director of Gotham Knights.

Considering how the studio hasn’t actually developed anything in almost a decade, just like their recent acquisition of Ann Lemay, I can guarantee that majority of those employed at WB Games Montreal are recent additions, in that case they along with Ann fulfill necessary diversity quotas of fat orcs and coons.

All things considered, Gotham Knights is still milking the Batman franchise, so more than likely soy faggots will probably lap it up no matter how garbage it ends up being.

But given the recent flops on Marvel’s side in the forms of Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers game, fingers crossed that Gotham Knights follows through in costing these gutless (((corporations))) as many shekels as possible.

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