GTA V “QuantV” Graphics Mod Found to Feature Disk Wiping Malicious Code
September 5, 2022
FiveM Game Mod GRAND THEFT AUTO V GTA V Malicious Malware NaturalVision Evolved QuantV

First and foremost, Grand Theft Auto V is for niggers and secondly, why the fuck aren’t you using NaturalVision Evolved.

Retrospectively speaking, GTA V is a bad game. The story is the culmination of a nigger pawn and his Jewish overseer, previous installments in the franchise had much more immersive plots that captivate those who played them.

Grand Theft Auto V is a tyrant, a cash cow, time and time again have we glossed over how GTA V or more specifically its GTA Online component has garnered BILLIONS of dollars.

This of course has led to Rockstar Games and parent company (((Take-Two Interactive))) to capitalize upon GTA Online’s popularity through means of endless drip-fed content for in-game microtransactional purchases, on top of more monetization in the form of the GTA+ subscription service, and to top it all off Rockstar are getting more inclusive in catering towards faggots and trannies.

I for one cannot wait for what GTA 6 holds for us.

For those who play Grand Theft Auto V not for the cancerous grind of the GTA Online, they choose to do so for the single player experience of which the nearly ten year old title has had zero actual DLC content to incentivize replayability but more rather players opt for a custom online experience through the usage of Five M.

Both of which however allow the player to download and install custom GTA V game mods to their hearts content, of which they themselves are an endless spiral of Judaic bullshit, because any decent mod for GTA V is locked beyond a Patreon paywall.

For the sake of comparison, QuantV has around 3,679 total Patreon donators while NaturalVision Evolved has over 11,000.

Game mods for Grand Theft Auto V are essentially a money printer.

There have been many mods made for Grand Theft Auto V but particularly in this case it would be graphical and or lighting overhaul mods such as the REDUX mod, NaturalVision Evolved which in my personal opinion happens to be the better of the three and the aforementioned QuantV mod.

Publicized by the official Five M twitter account, the QuantV graphical modification has been discovered to feature severe malicious code which can be remotely executed, upon execution it will simply wipe the data of all storage devices (A-Z).

Two files, enbhelper.dll along with QuantV.asi both contain the malicious code, as to what is used as a trigger flag is unknown, but at least with no internet connectivity it will nullify the malicious HTTP check.

Regardless of whether or not your copy of GTA V is genuine or pirated, if you’re using the QuantV mod you’re a potential target in having your entire PC wiped clean.

Quant, the developer behind the graphics mod is reportedly “away”, because of course he would be, but then again this entire situation does have some comedic value in the sense of payee niggers getting stabbed in the back on such a large scale, QuantV may not be the most popular modification but it was certainly up there in terms of downloads and total number of patreons.

With almost 3,700 total patreons with the lowest access amount for the mod being a $10 contribution, this could very well be the largest scandal when it comes to the dying medium of PC game modifications, generally nobody would suspect paid software such as a mod for GTA V to contain something malicious.

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