Guilty Groomer Creator Officially Retcons Bridget as Being Transgender
September 16, 2022
Arc System Bridget Guilty Gear -STRIVE Retconned transgender woke

This has been an ongoing topic of discussion on various online platforms for just over a month, but now it seems to the debate is finally over, the faggots have once again subverted their way into pushing the agenda of mental illness in Guilty Gear -STRIVE-.

There was a lot of anger, a lot of confusion regarding the inclusion of Bridget as downloadable content for Guilty Gear -STRIVE-.

Particularly because the character has been absent from the series since the 2002 release of Guilty Gear XX, however in -STRIVE- Bridget has various in-game dialogues that depict him as being uncomfortable with his identity and sexuality.

With the dialogue going as far as to state that Bridget identifies as a girl.

Bridget’s entire backstory and lore is that he was born and raised in a superstitious village that demonized same-sex twins, in order for him to actually live his life he was brought up as a girl.

But of course, when it comes to backstory and lore, none of it matters when it comes to pushing an agenda, but of course the debate between faggots and fans whether or not Bridget is a man or “transgender” has been an ongoing debacle.

Guilty Gear’s creator, Daisuke Ishiwatari has finally stepped in to put an end to this debate, by pledging allegiance to ZOG in outright retconning the character for woke brownie points during one of Guilty Gear’s “Developer’s Backyard” releases.

In due course for transgenderism, Bridget being born a boy and groomed into being brought up as a woman due to superstitions that would otherwise result in his execution is the prime target to push such a “wholesome” agenda.

Ishiwatari clarifies that Bridget identifies as a woman, not just as a result of the “bad ending” for the character but entirely, Bridget identifying as a woman is now canon.

Mentally ill progressives across hugboxes such as Twitter and Reddit are praising this clarification, this is indeed the real bad ending. Retconning an entire character to push woke nonsense, Arc System have been pushing this sort of agenda for awhile, made all the more apparent by their audience mainly consisting of transmentalists who support the grooming of young children against their will.

Japanese consumers were mostly outraged over the way Bridget had been presented in Guilty Gear -STRIVE-, I wonder how they will react to Ishiwatari retconning him to push faggotry delusions.

I’m sure the Guilty Gear franchise will do just great, in fact it will only get better, I cannot wait for Guilty Queer -STRIVE- to unleash an onslaught of playable niggers and faggots everywhere.

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