Intel Alder Lake CPUs Have Been Defeated by DENUVO And DRM?

What a fucking joke.

In case you’ve been living under a rock you’re probably well aware that Intel will be rushing out its 12th generation “Alder Lake” CPUs over the next couple of months as its big.LITTLE design is being introduced alongside a brand new socket and platform with support for DDR5 memory mind you for the ultimate gaymer goyim.

However a very concerning issue has already arisen surrounding Alder Lake CPUs….. that is if you haven’t already become a test pig for Microsoft’s brand new Windows 11 operating system which is pretty much essential if you’re considering to take the anal plunge of Intel’s new LGA 1700 socket.

The other issue comes in the form of games that utilize third-party DRM solutions, particularly DENUVO anti-tamper according to a recently released Intel Developer Guide for Alder Lake CPUs.

Intel’s Alder Lake features a clever hybrid design that incorporates real “big” cores combined with the processing power of additional Atom cores which are fucking horrid and slow by comparison, this design of course is meant to be most ideal for efficiency (which it isn’t) however if properly utilized the Atom cores can be quite useful for handling background tasks of which the new Windows 11 OS is effectively built to handle…. unlike AMD Ryzen processors apparently.

Nevertheless, Intel states that DRM manufacturers will need to release newer versions their respective DRM solutions that can support the hybrid design of Alder Lake processors.

This obviously would extend to the abundance of already released titles that incorporate such third-party DRM solutions will need to be updated into supporting the hybrid design of Alder Lake otherwise various issues probably will occur.

“If your existing or upcoming game uses a DRM middleware, you might want to contact the middleware provider and confirm that it supports hybrid architectures in general, and the upcoming Intel ADL platform in particular. Due to the nature of modern DRM algorithms, it might use CPU detection, and should be aware of the upcoming hybrid platforms. Intel is working with leading DRM providers such as Denuvo* to make sure their solutions support new platforms.”

Intel Alder Lake CPUs have been defeated by DRM.

Considering practically every game over the last few years utilizes some form of anti-tamper software, particularly DENUVO it’s without a doubt crucial to see whether or not this compatibility problem with Alder Lake stems into pirated (cracked) copies of DENUVO titles as well.

And if that’s seriously the case than those retarded enough to be suckered into Intel’s new 12th Generation Alder Lake processors may want to consider setting up a DOS box if they actually intend on playing more recent titles.

Or you know… one could easily just purchase an AMD Ryzen CPU because Alder Lake and its brand new platform costs are just overpriced trash by comparison.