Intel Looks to Secure Early Bid for TSMC 3nm Production

Intel’s own semiconductor sector is going so amazingly well as of late they’re looking to offload production onto TSMC’s 3 nanometer node.

According to reports TSMC have demanded that the Intel corporation pay a large sum up front as a deposit to secure 3nm node allocation which is a standard practice with semiconductor manufacturers as one cannot simply waltz in and secure process allocation.

Intel however is a company built on the principles. of money, lots and lots of money. With breakthroughs and advancements in the semiconductor space followed with bullshit shortages needless to say the cost for TSMC to produce its 3nm process has increased significantly.

Hence the demand that TSMC has made to Intel to pay for a deposit, so that the big blue kike giant can get first dibs on TSMC’s advanced node production as Intel looks to fight against not only main competitor AMD but also Apple too in that regard.

According to a Taiwanese report, Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger arrived in Taiwan on the 13th while on the 14th explained his reasoning for visiting the true Chinese nation is to build a close partnership with the industry leading semiconductor TSMC, Gelsinger stated in a video that he was happy to be back in Taiwan, that he has been to the country many times.

Patrick Gelsinger stated that the bullshit Coronavirus epidemic has accelerated digitalization and brought on rapid innovation, such a transformation has brought an explosive growth for semiconductor companies from massively hiked demand.

Gelsinger put a major emphasis on a close working relationship with customers and partners in Taiwan over the decades, where Intel looks to make a long-term relationship with TSMC, as Intel’s own semiconductor sector will undoubtedly go under much like its SSD division.