Kiwi Farms Holocausted Into Oblivion
September 8, 2022

(((Kiwi Farms))) pissed on Billy’s grave, crank up the music because I’m dancing on theirs.

Kiwi Farms is dead, while technically they aren’t dead yet, due to (((circumstances))) of which the website is facing following a tyrannical lynch mob and the cries of deplatforming led by some disgusting kike tranny, Keffals or Lucas Roberts as he’ll be called on his tombstone, Kiwi Farms is heading down a path of no recovery.

I’m perplexed, on one side you’ve got a disgusting tranny faggot who was “exposed” or more rather DOXED by the folks at Kiwi Farms for preying upon minors and supplying them with illicit tranny pills.

Doxing justified.

On top of being guilty of just about everything typical Kiwi Farms users are guilty of, racism and suicide baiting, so it’s no real surprise that his entire lynch mob is (((orchestrated))).

On the other side you have Kiwi Farms, not exactly a hugbox but more or less a containment of centrist faggots and houses quite a significant amount of trannies themselves.

Oh, and of course, much like the Daily Stormer, Kiwi Farms is owned and operated by a Jew, a disgusting parasite who apparently likes neko shota.

Despite being owned by kikes and housing faggots themselves, just as the Daily Stormer before it, Kiwi Farms grew too large, the public mind became aware of their existence as they rightfully doxed a tranny kike, however the thing is this is the current year.

In the (((current year))), trannies and troons are the new protected class, the new Cohens if you will.

Doxing Keffals backfired almost immediately as he went to twitter and incited a lynch mob against the website and their then DDOS protector, Cloudflare, managing to get “Drop KiwiFarms” trending.

Cloudflare hilariously pretends to be in support of free speech caved as a result leaving Kiwi Farms in a state of unprotected turmoil.

The farms has hopped from domain to domain in record timeframe since being dropped by Cloudflare, quickly setting up shop with Russian based DDoS-Guard before being subsequently shown the door just a day later.

This is a battle that has no victors, for faggotry and kikes lie behind both parties, although I personally hold nothing but contempt for Kiwi Farms, specifically for pissing on the very grave that this entire website stands for.

Billy D’s prophecy has finally come true, warning that once One Angry Gamer were shut down that Kiwi Farms would be next. But of course, the centrist faggots at Kiwi Farms would have none of that, they despised Billy, mocking him for being anti-faggot.

They loathed what he stood for and they certainly hated the OAG community.

Myself included.

Though I will admit that I aught to properly backdate OAG archives to their respective upload dates.

The disgusting cretins of Kiwi Farms are reaping what they sow, because the only sort of salvation that comes of the farms now is one of two things.

Just like the Daily Stormer, they can hop from one domain to the next in which case their userbase will dwindle over time and eventually fragment as a result, constantly switching from domain to domain with limited uptime secures its demise.

Another option would simply be to relegate into being on the TOR network, in which case this would cause a larger percentage of dropped users than the suicide rate for trannies.

It has gotten so bad for Kiwi Farms that they’ve been dropped by, and they have lost the service of hCaptcha leading to attempts to brute force into low security accounts.

Nothing good has come from this, a disgusting tranny has the upper hand, with platforms and services such as Cloudflare, DDoS-Guard and even the Internet Archives all kneeling before ZOG and exposing themselves in the process.

All because Kiwi Farms grew too large, flew too close to the sun and upset a trannies fee fees.

Because of this, the world’s largest containment of centrists will soon be homeless, many of which have flooded into the Fediverse through instances such as

Cloudflare and showing their (((true))) colors is the only take away from this, it’s a bad precedent to running a website, especially anything along the likes of Kiwi Farms, 8chan or anything else.

I never really thought I’d be seeing this day but I’m still somewhat overjoyed at the outcome, it’s strange to me how I’d end up hating centrist kikes over fucking trannies but it is what it is I suppose, Kiwi Farms is merely faggots who demonize larger faggots, and it seems they’ve bitten off more than they could chew.

Having said all this, I really couldn’t care less regarding the collapse of Kiwi Farms, I find it extremely difficult to sympathize with a neko shota-con and their centrist community of “anti-racists”.

Though having only recently been discovered I’ve probably painted a target on my back because of this, but I don’t care.

I make sure to conduct myself in such a manner as to scare off unwanted pests and faggots, but because I don’t arbitrarily censor words such as Jew, Kike and Nigger I’m somehow a FED? Then I suppose Handsome Truth is the biggest FED on the planet.


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