Leaked GTA 6 Developmental Footage Showcases A WOKE Train Wreck in The Making
September 19, 2022
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Honestly in the modern day it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for game developers to keep their games under wrap, the last few years have seen various titles in development leak out info such as gameplay or entire scripts in some cases.

Games such as The Lesbians of Us Part 2, Saints Row Reboot and now apparently Grand Theft Auto 6 have had their gameplay leaked before release or even announcement. Though of course while not officially announced yet the development of GTA 6 had been confirmed by Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Jew Interactive.

Almost an entire hours worth of early developmental footage of the upcoming installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise has surfaced all over the internet, in what would otherwise be the biggest hoax to grace the entire planet.


Take-Two Interactive are hard at work filing DMCA takedown notices to leaked footage that has been uploaded but as the saying goes, you cannot truly remove anything once it has been uploaded to the internet.

Various footage clips that were leaked showcase debug testing of character switching, props and physics, to snippets of actual gameplay and cutscene dialogues.

All of these put together in an hours worth of footage really bring it home that this is undoubtedly the real deal, not some trickster trying to have their minute of fame.

It’s unknown specifically when during development the footage was captured but it’s fairly obvious to assume that they were taken during early development given the amount of general assets that are being carried over from GTA V.

Grand Theft Auto V from a story perspective is quite possibly the weakest in the entire series, while also taking place in the city of Los Santos, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas features niggers as the main focus, while GTA V covers the story of a nigger thug and their newfound Jewish handler and father figure as they go around orchestrating large heists with a psychopathic third wheel in tow.

Grand Theft Auto 6 was always rumored to once again take us back to the city of Vice City, only this time however unlike GTA: VC, the game won’t revolve around drug trafficking and Italian mobsters.

Along with those leaks, GTA 6 had been rumored to be the most inclusive of the entire franchise, rectifying against “social norms” by having for the first time throughout the 3D and HD era a female protagonist, a shit skin female named Lucia no less.

Grand Theft Auto 6 isn’t fooling around, nor is it actually fooling anybody, it will adhere to modern (((standards))) as the main protagonist at least at this stage looks like a disfigured post-op tranny spic, alongside being able to play as Lucia you’ll get to play as Jason, a white redneck.

Creativity has been on the decline for just about every franchise across all forms of media entertainment, as seen by the lazy developmental process of Grand Theft Auto 6, graphically speaking it looks to be rehashing GTA V as a base, rather than actually build upon the latest RAGE engine following Red Dead Redemption 2.

Nigger wahmen officers.

Even the HUD and minimap from Grand Theft Auto V are slapdashedly repasted in this build of GTA 6.

Lots of general assets such as vehicles look to be repasted, the police cruiser for instance retain the same model albeit slightly retextured to represent V.C.P.D (Vice City Police Department) while the general textures of the game itself look identical to that of its predecessor.

The RAGE engine is vastly technical, and from the looks of it this particular build of GTA 6 does have the new advancements made to the physics but even so it’s quite apparent that Grand Theft Auto 6 is built on top of its predecessor rather than RDR2, this could generally be due to Rockstar effectively cutting development costs and time.

EDIT: Upon further inspection it’s quite apparent that GTA 6 is in fact utilizing the latest in the RAGE engine as it generally has the same lighting / bloom effects as Red Dead Redemption 2.

Grand Theft Auto V has proven to be one of the most popular games in the entire world, for all the wrong reasons, its online functionality and reliance upon microtransactions essentially bankrolls Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive, so why even bother actually advancing technologies further?

This entire industry has become nothing but pure faggotry and kike greed, aside from consuming niggertastic feminist protagonists, Grand Theft Auto 6 will more likely look and feel as if it were a gigantic story DLC for its predecessor because certainly all the actual focus has been put on its online environment to maximize in-game purchases.

Rockstar themselves abandoned continued focus on Red Dead Redemption 2, a game that’s vastly more technical from not just a technological standpoint but a graphical one as well in favor of ushering out more drip-fed content to keep Grand Theft Auto Online thriving, consumers don’t really give a shit because it all boils down to where the money is coming from for these corporations.

Grand Theft Auto as a franchise has devolved in terms of story telling but also the sorts of people who play them as well, GTA V is a game mainly targeting niggers and soylent consumers, return customers to buy the same shit no questions asked.


There are genuine folks who don’t see the perils of GTA subverting itself by promoting a spic woman as its main protagonist and focal point, but then again the sorts of folks who’d buy Grand Theft Auto 6 are your average soyboys with a low threshold for self integrity, estranged from good looking women in their consoomable media, it’s all about redefining beauty standards.

Honestly, after witnessing the catastrophe of Saints Row I have been eagerly awaiting the eventual downfall of Grand Theft Auto following the rumors of its diversity driven female protagonist and general atonement of tranny faggots.

From the looks of it Grand Theft Auto 6 will undoubtedly be a financial success, but from a gameplay perspective it’s destined for receptive failure, and I cannot wait.

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