MSI Begins Recycling NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super With CMP 30HX MINER Series

MSI joins the ever increasing list of AIB partners buying up NVIDIA’s unwanted relics of the past then turned into horrific mining oriented products otherwise known as the NVIDIA CMP 30HX which is unfortunately based on the GTX 1660 Super.

Of course the reasoning behind NVIDIA’s decision to throw crypto miners a bone by recycling or reproducing older generation hardware is plain and simple. Money.

Reproducing older TU116 chips on the ancient 16/12nmm TSMC processing node would prove to be extremely profitable, especially when these garbage mining processors then find themselves on retail shelves for over $700 USD which is more than double the original MSRP of the GTX 1660 Super of which it’s based.

NVIDIA get to have their cake and eat it too as reproducing garbage hardware for the soul purpose of cryptocurrency mining that are produced as cheap as physically possible with recycled coolers from their respective GeForce counterpart along with having no display outputs marking NVIDIA’s CMP HX series to be worthless once this mining boom ends.

NVIDIA themselves believe that this cryptocurrency bonanza will continue with their revised revenue projection from their CMP HX products to triple. 

Producing an abysmal 26 MH/s the CMP 30HX will take well over 300 days of actual mining before getting your ROI, which is more than double what a typical GeForce RTX 3000 series GPU is capable of.

So what makes these MSI CMP 30HX MINER cards any different? Absolutely fucking nothing. They’re still godawful to actually mine cryptocurrency and you’d probably be better off spending that $700+ instead investing into cancerous cryptocurrencies such as DOGE Coin right before its inevitable implosion causes you and tens of thousands of other simpletons to lose their investment.

MSI for instance unlike other AIB CMP 30HX cards have multiple choice options of scams to choose from with the standard CMP 30HX MINER which lazily copy and pastes the cooler from their 1660 Ti ARMOR which is rather unexpected.

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Packing amazing features like heatpipes and fans that twirl the MSI CMP 30HX MINER takes up two slots with a single slot I/O because let’s be honest here why waste precious aluminum when there are no display outputs required? The MSI CMP 30HX MINER is a surefire way of burning money.

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Then along came the CMP 30HX MINER XS which instead steals its identity from its corresponding GTX 1660 Super VENTUS XS graphics card. This “behemoth” is much more versatile compared to the standard CMP 30HX MINER because I’m sure MSI would at least give you a $10 discount for the drastically inferior cooler found on the Ventus, meaning with this piece of shit you might just have to wait one day less before you’re able to generate some profit.

There’s no exact from from MSI regarding warranty length but you need not bother because it’s guaranteed to be less than a year and probably shorter than this whole mining boom will continue to last for guaranteed.