NoVideo – Amazon Games’ New World MMORPG Beta Reportedly Bricking GeForce RTX 3080Ti & RTX 3090 Graphics Cards
July 22, 2021

I think I may have just found my new favorite game.

Amazon Games is just another sort of way for these gigantic kike conglomerates to launder more money through shit products in the form of video games, it’s a very lucrative business.

Coming off the “high” that was the game tie-in for the Amazon Prime “The Grand Tour” series their next big project going from that trash happened to be a large scale MMORPG called “New World”.

And it’s this New World game that recently held a closed beta that has sparked some hilarious controversy that begs to question how the flying fuck did Amazog let something like this slip right on through.

Various reports are flooding in of closed beta participants for Amazog’s next gayme describing their short and hilarious experience with New World by having their overpriced garbage RTX 3000 series graphics cards effectively fried to death upon playing the game.

Initially it would seem to be an issue specific to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra graphics card from EVGA as seen from this rather lengthy New World forum post describing how the game had effectively nuked their $2000+ componentry.

A Reddit thread regarding the bricking of GPU’s has quickly reached over 1,100 comments.

But that isn’t actually the case as users from the forum post state that their graphics card had also had its lifespan nuked from orbit despite the card being made by other AIB partners such as Gigabyte, though I suppose consoomers who mainly purchase high-end EVGA graphics cards are just elitist faggots anyway so no surprises there that most of them would end up playing a faggotized game such as New World.

The good goys over at Amazog are charging customers $40 to participate in this open beta which has killed quite a far few RTX Ampere graphics cards if the threads above are anything to go by, specifically why it’s doing this however isn’t exactly known as the issue stems from users running high graphical settings and or with an unlocked framerate killing the card within mere moments.

A temporary solution curtesy of Redditor mEEzz says that users should lock their max FPS to 60 in order to reign in on the utilization of your expensive and powerful RTX graphics card or risk bricking it.

No reports of bricked AMD graphics cards or older generation NVIDIA hardware have been made as of this moment but I just can’t help but laugh at the faggots who’ve supported cancerous corporations such as NVIDIA and EVAG by buying expensive trash like the FTW3 Ultra.

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