Peak Consoomer – ASUS Will Give You a CHANCE to Purchase a TUF RTX 3070Ti at MSRP

Hitler had the right idea with national socialism, because looking at this bullshit right here It might be time to rethink (((capitalism))).

Are you sick and tired of these insane GPU prices? GPU prices for the better part of over a year have been abnormally high due to increased demand by cryptocurrency miners, dumb retarded gaymers and allegedly production shortages as well.

So graphics cards across all venders have been absolutely gouged in pricing by respective retailers, hundreds of dollars well over respective MSRPs simply because dumb dumbs still buy it and the retailers can get away with it.

Everyone wins…. except you.

But enough of that, if you’re a fine citizen of Londonistan who miraculously haven’t been stabbed or killed in a acid attack, ASUS is giving you an opportunity of a lifetime!

ASUS has partnered up with UK retailer, OC3D into forcing bongland consumers into signing up for a pseudo giveaway for the mere CHANCE to be able to purchase….. not an RTX 3090, 3080 or Ti but instead one of the WORST cards in the entire Ampere lineup…. yep you guessed it you’re entering a sweepstakes in order to receive the privilege of purchasing an RTX 3070Ti at MSRP.

Now if this were an RTX 3060 Ti this might actually be an enticing offer because the price gouging on those cards particularly are just so fucking heinous it’s unbelievable, and rightfully so. At MSRP it would undoubtedly be THE card to buy this generation but because you’re looking at a $800 GPU rather than the supposed MSRP of $399 because of this it’s just out shadowed by the slightly inferior and yet drastically cheaper Radeon RX 6600 XT.

Because why bother in actually giving products away when you can simply entice the goy by letting them still buy the product but at a reduced rate? Now that’s just pure genius thinking by these (((merchants)))

Considering that there isn’t all that much stock by retail outfits that are actually going to gamers, it’s pretty safe to assume that OC3D doesn’t actually have a whole lot of cards to offer with the exclusive “discounted” price of MSRP.

OC3D or ASUS for that matter refuse to specify the quantity of RTX 3070Ti’s that will be available for UK participants but I highly doubt that the total amount would exceed more than that of the low double digit range, so probably 10-30 units in all.

Because if you head on over to the sweepstakes you’ll find that there are over 4,000 total entries into the mix, now to pass the facade of wanting to give this bullshit “giveaway” to gamers in order to enter you’re going to need to sign into your Steam account to gain eligibility.

And of course further tickets can also be gained by following either ASSUS or OC3D on Twitter or other social media platforms.

Let’s just say there are probably a total of ten RTX 3070Ti’s overall available with this promotion, as of this time of writing there’s over 4050 total entries for the Gleam “giveaway” with that number rising pretty damn quickly, providing that you’re able to get all six votes for your entry, your actual chances of winning are drastically low, but how low exactly are we talking here? Around 0.14%

Oy vey.