Pixiv Kneels Before ZOG With Diversity and Anti Harassment Pledges
August 31, 2022
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Another crushing blow to those who remain ignorant to the fact that the once proud nation of Japan has been reduced to yet another (((occupied))) country hell bent on inclusivity and woke politics.

One-by-one, Japanese corporations of all verities have opted to commit seppuku by kneeling before ZOG in the name of diversity and inclusivity.

Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, KADOKAWA, Square Enix, Bandai Namco, Sony, Nintendo, these are just several of the most prevelent Japanese corporations, reduced to mere ashes by the ovens of diversity.

Companies spanning from the automotive industry to the video game market, just about every single Japanese company in one form or another has gone the route of pandering to faggotized westerners by promoting niggerfaggotry in their media / advertisements.

Not even Japanese websites are safe from the recent revelation that Pixiv, essentially the largest Japanese website used by Japanese artists to promote their cuckoldry and nigger fetishist hentai artwork, has knelt before ZOG forming what Pixiv calls a “Declaration of Elimination”.

The writing was on the wall for Pixiv the moment they allowed westerners to post on its website.

Alongside a declaration of Diversity and Inclusion.

Declaration of Elimination is quite possibly the best terminology to describe this action, because Pixiv will certainly be eliminating its visitors and the creators it houses as the image hosting platform gets on the high horse of diversity as Pixiv looks to implement new policies against “harassment“, a compliance committee and a sensitivity training system.

Sensitive is probably the right words considering the sorts of disgusting degenerate content prevalent on Pixiv, with many so called “artists” pushing forth the Kosher agenda of “BBC” among other heinous fetishes.

Pixiv looks to be conforming to (((western standards))) by pandering “better work environments” for employees of diverse backgrounds be they gender, race or sexual orientation, and the most common caveat for a newly reformed company, and that is to “correct the gender imbalance” of its employees.

In order to create an environment and opportunities where all human resources can play an active role, regardless of gender, we will improve the workplace environment by correcting the gender imbalance among managers and supporting diverse life and career plans. We will also work to foster awareness in order to achieve gender equality in society as a whole.


Meanwhile regarding Pixiv’s new stances on “harassment”.

Imagine the possibilities if Pixiv had remained a Japanese website, desensitized westerners would have to look elsewhere to post and promote their shoddily drawn cartoon incest pornography, but of course the Japanese artists there would continue to push their BLACKED artwork.

As I always say, open mind, open borders.

Rest assured that there will be a crackdown on artwork that’s generally safer as Pixiv look to push forward with kosher kinks for all.

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