Republic of Goyim Woes – $600+ ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Hero Boards Allegedly Catching Fire – Intel 250W PL2 Too Hot to Handle?

When it comes to AIB aftermarket manufacturers when it comes to things such as graphics cards and motherboards only one brand in particular comes to mind as being woefully terrible despite establishing itself as a premium brand, the AIB equivalent of Apple if you will. And the honor of premium garbage would have to go to ASUS.

Intel’s recent 12th generation Alder Lake series is quite peculiar, given that by comparison out of the box Alder Lake CPUs are typically pushed to the ragged edge whereas AMD seemingly are retarded enough to let tech tuber shills get off scot free as they’re unwilling to resort to Intel tactics by enabling PBO by default, oops.

But I digress, in the eyes of the retarded customer anyway Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs offer “better performance and value” where especially the latter isn’t technically true given the ever increasing costs of Intel motherboards of which Alder Lake is once again nestled inside a brand new Socket LGA 1700 and demand more power than ever before once more attributing to increased platform costs.

But that doesn’t even include DDR5 memory which of itself will require at least one kidney, with DDR5 supported LGA 1700 motherboards costing more up front than DDR4 models do, but then again after all the strife you’ve gone through to get your overpriced memory sticks DDR5 failure rates are high enough to cause alarm.

Though it’s not just DDR5 failures that plague Intel’s Alder Lake because the CPUs as well as the motherboards are actually letting it down more so than the reality of pricing relative to MSRP over AMD’s Ryzen 5000 series anyway.

With word of mouth coming from various insiders citing that Alder Lake return rates are exceedingly higher than previous generations, citing performance issues, cooler compatibility and straight up failing motherboards being the main cause of returns, with alleged return rates for Alder Lake motherboards being as high as 15% though how many of such returns are due to failing or inability to find compatible DDR5 memory isn’t particularly known.

Anyways, that’s enough of Alder Lake’s bogus value pricing and catastrophic return / defect rates of DDR5 memory, now’s the time to talk about Z690 motherboards disintegrating.

Users are reporting that their $800 exquisite ASUS ROG Z690 Maximus Hero motherboards are burning up and catching fire.

The ASUS ROG forum is merely a circle jerk of individuals scammed into the premium gayming experience and serves as a platform for individuals to vent frustrations of the shocking quality control of ASUS motherboards in particular, with a hilariously named “Maximumrog57” user taking to the forum to express frustration with his glorious ROG product now burnt to a crisp with a QCODE 53 error.

QCODE 53 for this instance would indicate a memory issue, be it incompatibility or incorrect placement. Maximumrog57 describes that his Maximus Z690 Hero motherboard was working flawlessly until the inevitable happened following a clanking noise but Maximumrog57 didn’t take much notice until the following day where he awoke to find that he was now stuck with a boot loop of QCODE 53.

unnamed (1).jpg

Upon further inspection of the motherboard, Maximumrog57 noticed that his precious ROG motherboard had been scarred with MOSFETs having genuinely burned up with the charred ruminants extending to the QCODE LED itself which was partially burnt as well.


Though it wasn’t just Maximumrog57 having their board go up in flames, various other customers have the exact same issue, with Reddit user “rockman4” also voicing his dismay of burnt MOSFETs on his high-end premium Z690 motherboard.

Reddit user “Syke408” had his Maximus Hero literally blow itself up, while the “TheMaxXHD” has two motherboards explode in just three days. And in typical fashion of the average ASSUS customer, to decipher the mystery of what was going on exactly, TheMaxXHD thought it would be best to go right ahead and outright purchase a brand new i7-12700K, Z690 Hero and another power supply just for good measure.

Surely enough for such sheer stupidity and deep enough pockets this was the only outcome that he deserved.

So why exactly are the ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Hero motherboards spontaneously combusting? Well nobody knows for certain, though it’s believed to be the result of improperly assembled motherboards with a capacitor with an incorrect orientation…. or rather just another typical day when it comes to ASUS’ shocking quality control.

Right now all eyes are pointed towards ASUS who once again find themselves in a PR nightmare, but considering from what my sources tell me at least motherboard failures on Alder Lake are a frequent occurrence and not bound to just ASUS alone so I’d rather like to pin the blame on Intel’s slap dash efforts in maintaining its illusive 5GHz frequencies with ruthless aggression in the form of Alder Lake’s 250W PL2 state on unlocked 125W TDP SKU’s.

With Intel having to crank the power up to eleven just to maintain its bullshit performance resulting in increased power consumption, increased temperatures and of course the requirement of beefier motherboards and VRM solutions platform wide.

I’m sure as we move forward in time the ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Hero won’t be the only motherboards that will be vocalized as having such catastrophic faults