Resident Evil 4 VR Plagued with Censorship of Flirtatious and Problematic Dialogue

No way fag.

So the rumors of Crapcom shitting out a woke and pozzed filled reboot of the oh so beloved Resident Evil 4 has seemingly gone down the toilet with the aforementioned announcement of Resident Evil 4 VR.

You guessed it, Capcom has released the same game yet again with no actual changes exclusive to the Oculus Quest 2 on October 21st 2021.

If you were somewhat excited for a potential RE4 reboot, kindly go fuck yourself for starters because there’s actually a genuine “reboot” in the works known as the HD Project.

The Resident Evil 4 HD Project is a true labor of love filled with hard work and dedication of one crazed individual giving the game a complete graphical overhaul with luscious high resolution textures. Viewing just one of the HD Project progression videos over on Albert Marin’s JewTube channel and you will surely be amazed at the sort of love and attention he is the nearly 17 year old title. Detailing that Crapcom clearly hadn’t bothered to give RE4 in the hundred or so amount of times they’ve re-released it since it had originally came to the PC back in 2007.

Crapcom Goes Woke – Capcom Suffers Ransomware Data Breach – Includes Politically Correct Business Strategies Along with Various Leaked Game Plans

Previously it became apparent that Capcom had succumbed to the globohomo agenda of political correctness and faggotry with leaked company presentational slides showcasing depravity of the gayming industry with various examples of “good” and “bad” portrayal of character design and stereotyping of female and LGBT characters.

However with the soon to be re-re-release of Resident Evil 4 VR for the Oculus Quest 2 Crapcom’s quest in pandering to faggots and mentally ill individuals had become obvious with the removal of an abundance of flirtatious dialogue for what’s believed to be considered “derogatory” and “offensive” to women.

According to certain individuals, the developers noted that content related to “sexual harassment, sarcastic expressions, sexist conversations, and expressions that may be indirectly linked to them have been removed”, and that “These were not unavoidably removed as part of the translation or porting process but were done by Armature Studio at the request of OculusVR and with the approval of CAPCOM.”

The game was developed by Armature Studios and it is said only one developer from the original title, Masachika Kawata, had any involvement with the VR version, and the censorship was supposedly carried out at the request of Facebook, the owner of Oculus.

Exchanges between Leon and Hunnigan in radio transmissions were censored, as flirting is apparently now deemed inappropriate by the politically correct masses:

For comparison sake here’s the same dialogue taken from the original version of Resident Evil 4.

And of course who could forget the scene found in Chapter 2-2 as Leon, Ashley and Louis take refuge inside the cabin only for Louis to make a quip regarding Ashley’s “ballistics” along with the aforementioned unlockable achievement “Secure the Ballistics”.

This of course has been canned in the woke release of Resident Evil 4 VR which of course had removed this clearly sexist dialogue entirely with the achievement simply being renamed to “Secure Ashley”.

For comparison here’s the same cutscene featured from the original game featuring a very old version of the “HD Project” overhaul mentioned above.

Sex discrimination or lack thereof of a dead female ganados simply cannot go unchecked in this VR wokefest which has removed the dialogue from interacting with the corpse of a dead ganados.

And of course everyone remembers the now infamous dialogue that had sparked the whole “No way fag” meme. I’m of course speaking of the ending cutscene of Resident Evil 4 where Ashley offers Leon some “overtime” before being rejected, along with post credit scene with Leon hitting on Hunnigan.

Crapcom seemingly have purged a large majority of the ending cutscene because men hitting on women is sexist and derogatory, but at least they cracked down on Ashley hitting on Leon because I guess it’s also sexist if a woman is depicted as desperately lunging herself towards a man.

The sexist and derogatory ending cutscene in question with post-credit Hunnigan cutscene. The reasoning behind these blatant and hilarious attempts at censoring a 16 year old title is obvious, with Crapcom being swallowed by the whole politically correct globohomo agenda focusing on diversity, inclusivity and how do we appropriately feature women in the video gaymes of today.

The Resident Evil franchise has long since hit the brick wall of wokeness and depravity following the releases of the Resident Evil 2 & 3 remakes followed with Resident Evil VIIIage.