Rockstar Games “Expands and Enhances” Trans Tolerance in GTA V by Removing Transphobic Content
April 21, 2022
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After bare witnessing the asinine pure kikery that was the “GTA+” service subscription, I didn’t think that Rockstar Games could fall much further in terms of kike / woke propagative bullshit until at least the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto series which is more than likely bound to feature some woke lesbian as the main protagainst.

I was wrong.

For what seems like the umptieth time, (((Rockstar Games))) have re-re-re-released Grand Theft Auto V, this time for the latest Soyny PlagueStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X/S. Naturally, because niggers continue to buy the same bullshit time and time again.

However, one thing that was entirely unaccounted for was that Rockstar Games would actually censor its re-release of a re-release of a soon to be decade old title.

One of the main marketing buzzwords that Rockstar Games have used with their third console generational release of GTA V is that it’s “Expanded” and “Enhanced”, which is further from the truth considering how after three entire generations of console releases the game itself looks far worse than you’d get on a PC anyway.

When it does come to the latest release of Grand Theft Auto V it would appear that the only sort of expansion or enhancement was made to pander towards woke faggots with trans tolerance.

Yeah, the biggest changes in a slap dash re-release of GTA V just so happens to be self censorship of “transphobic” content, such as voice lines that insult cross dressing / transvestite NPCs while in single player as seen from the video above.

Voice lines between all three protagonists have been arbitrarily cut when it comes to insulting troon NPC’s in-game on the latest “next-gen release”, because of course in the current year it’s simply frowned upon to insult progressive trannies, their disfigured bodies and crumbling mental state.

Just to ensure that Rockstar Games is more focused on political pandering and tolerance in a Grand Theft Auto title, they’ve also gone above and beyond to completely rework the “Captain Spacetoy” figure, which clearly depicts a tranny with an “interchangeable genitalia”.

How else could Rockstar Games rework this scene to represent modern times than to just simply remove it and save the hassle.

The ones more than likely responsible are those such as Kuck-taku and “OutMakingGames”, groups of depraved faggots that publicly expressed their disgust with the depiction of trans people in GTA V.

And Rockstar obliged. It makes sense as to why, Grand Theft Auto V is one of the biggest piles of normie shit among modern video games, considering how GTA V continues to net hundreds of millions of dollars every single quarter its popularity only seems to get all the more higher.

Grand Theft Auto V across its entire lifespan has generated well over $7 Billion dollars since its initial launch, spiraling out of control with how much Rockstar Games panders and gouges with GTA Online microtransactions.

GTA V is now the second highest selling video game in existence with over 160 million copies sold. Grand Theft Auto V and by proxy, Rockstar Games are now a global entity.

So it’s only natural that at some point or at least moving forward that Take-Jew Interactive’s money cow would impose political pandering and woke tolerances, they pretty much have to at this point, less they be hit with much more severe media strife regarding how Grand Theft Auto V’s depictions of faggots and troons is “old fashioned”.

Those who continue to play GTA V or more specifically, GTA Online are of a few demographics, niggers, faggots or simply “normies” who all collectively chimp out over the most mundane micro-aggression but seemingly deem it fit to waste their lives playing a now inclusive Grand Theft Auto.

Soon enough it just won’t be acceptable that minorities in video games can be insulted or perhaps even killed, only cis white scum NPCs are allowed to be killed.

If Rockstar Games were to be hit with media disdain for its depictions of trannies then sure enough that would more than likely lead to a negative in overall profit, it hurts their bottom line.

But then again considering how badly Rockstar Games butchered Red Dead Redemption 2 with faggotry, can’t say that this was much of a surprise, but I at least didn’t expect this horse shit until the next installment anyhow, though I’m sure EMPRESS will be pleased.

(Special thanks to Latexbeatsnud1ty)

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