They say that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, that all publicity is good publicity and I for one agree with that statement because now people are finally giving ZOTAC a second look as they miraculously trip over themselves.

ZOTAC for instance are among the obscure and generally cheap brands that deal in aftermarket graphics cards for NVIDIA, among the likes of Palit and Gainward they generally offer cheaper solutions compared to your MSI’s or ASSUS trash but offer inferior hardware and or cooling solutions as a result of that.

However, the social media manager who runs the official ZOTAC_USA twitter account has failed to read the room what with this whole worldwide epidemic and shortages of PC componentry we find ourselves in as cryptocurrency miners are buying up any and all available stock of graphics cards to use amongst many others inside mining rigs.

The crime in question?

In a now deleted tweet because obviously the numskulls responsible would turn tail and flee after an immense media backlash, the ZOTAC USA account shared a photo of an individuals mining farm that utilizes an abundance of Zotac GeForce RTX graphics cards mining cryptocurrency while hilariously having the balls to tag the post with a bunch of hashtags relating to PC gaming such as #PCMR and general #Gaming bullshit.

Now why do I find this so goddamn funny? Well it’s an obvious fact with this generation of PC hardware, primarily with the graphics cards that PC gamers have been outright cucked by cryptocurrency miners with bigger pockets than consumers are willing to part with to buy anything from this generation.

So much so that NVIDIA are more than happy to sell their own supply directly to support the cause of these miners having made approximately $175 Million dollars in Q3 according to a Barron’s report with insight from RBC Capital Markets analyst Mitch Steves.

With such low supply when it comes to NVIDIA’s latest RTX GPUs make no mistake that the company itself has put more focus on sedating the endless hunger of crypto miners while their AIB partners also make the transition, which is why market prices for all things GPU these days are massively marked up well beyond their respective MSRP’s as shown from ASSUS having outright increased their own prices to pass onto retailers.

Because miners have continued to purchase graphics cards despite the massive surge in pricing beyond its MSRP meaning that actual PC gamers are fighting a losing battle when it comes to obtaining a graphics card in this market, like the array of Zotac GeForce RTX 3070 Twin Edges pictured in Zotac’s hysterical tweet.

It’s more than clear at this point that even AIB partners have put more attention towards these cryptocurrency miners, in the case of Zotac trying to endorse mining rigs cementing the fact that miners outright dominate the market right now, sending consumers who otherwise either can’t afford or purchase an RTX graphics card into a fit of rage.

Yet another lesson learned that the big corporation doesn’t give a single fuck about you. They just want your shekels.


(Thank for the news tip CaptainMcShotgun)