If you’re an AMD consumer I’m sure you’re more than well aware of who Sapphire are, they don’t really need an introduction really as they’re regarded as producing the highest quality, best performing aftermarket products for AMD graphics cards.

Sapphire as a brand are mostly recognized for their amazing “TOXIC” or “VAPOR-X” graphics cards of which we haven’t had a taste of since the pinnacle of the GCN architecture, that being “Hawaii” otherwise known as the Radeon R9 290/X and its “Grenada” refresh the R9 390/X

Of course Sapphire also made variants of the TOXIC and Vapor-X for lower-tier products such as the 280X and 270X however the TOXIC and VAPOR-X series of products are highly praised as being top-tier products for whichever GPU they occupy.

Suffice to say fans of Sapphire have been devastated since then as ever since the R9 Fury came into existence Sapphire have done away with making another Vapor-X / Toxic graphics card, instead focusing on their Nitro+ and the horrendous PULSE which are more lower cost products for lower prices.

However it has been teased for quite awhile now that with the revelation that is RDNA 2 that Sapphire would bring the TOXIC name back with a high-end offering for the brand new Radeon RX 6000 series.

And well the wait is finally over as SAPPHIRE have officially unveiled their Radeon RX 6900 XT TOXIC Limited Edition graphics card.

And boy does it certainly look like it can pack a punch, with its AIO hybrid design featuring a 360mm radiator will ensure that the Sapphire TOXIC Radeon RX 6900 XT remains both cool and quiet even after some heavy overclocking, because that’s what this graphics card was simply made for.

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Featuring a unique dual 8-pin plus an additional 6-pin external power connectors ensures that the RX 6900 XT is fed with more than enough power, with a state of the art 13+1 phase design for the core alongside two additional phases for the Memory and SOC which makes it one of if not the best aftermarket board design for the Radeon RX 6900 XT.

Because this baby was designed with overclocking in mind with an industry standard of containing a dual BIOS option however containing an additional third BIOS which would allow the user to switch between the performance and silent BIOS from inside the TriXX utility tool.

The Sapphire TOXIC Limited Edition also comes with a “TOXIC Boost” function which can be toggled also from inside Sapphire’s TriXX utility program.

The Toxic Boost mode will ramp up the game frequency beyond 2365MHz with the actual boost frequency peaking over 2600MHz from factory.

Make no mistake Sapphire have gone completely Toxic Limited Edition, however it only goes downhill from here. For starters as you’ve already seen from the card itself it’s completely balls to the walls with its air/water hybrid AIO design which certainly doesn’t come cheap as seen from the ASUS STRIX LC which also came with an inferior hybrid design featuring just a 240mm radiator with a disgusting blower style shroud.

The ASUS Radeon RX 6900 XT Strix LC while being inferior certainly doesn’t come cheap, as you can currently only really view a listing on the ASUS store, because nowhere else will give you a proper price on the product, in the case of the STRIX LC it comes at a hefty premium of $1499 which is a massive 50% price hike over the initial MSRP of $999 slated for the 6900 XT and unsurprisingly that doesn’t really change with the Sapphire TOXIC.

Now sold out on Newegg the price of this behemoth comes in at just $1639 USD which is an increase of 64% over the stated MSRP of the Radeon RX 6900 XT.

So, like everything else released this generation the only people who actually have a card got theirs for free when it comes to the reviewer distribution of such products as a plethora of online reviews from the likes of Hardware Unboxed, igorsLAB and KitGuruTech received themselves the only units in existence to benchmark and review before undoubtedly tossing them away because “muh 3090 is just better okay”.

In actual fact a maximum frequency of 2700MHz was reached by Hardware Unboxed’s sample.

However the disappointment just keeps getting more severe from the pricing as the TOXIC Limited Edition as of right now is only available in the package of a 6900 XT whereas the 6800 XT is left abandoned, unlike the ASSUS Strix LC if you have <$1500 to spare for a cut down RX 6800 XT.

Consumers have been anticipating the release of a new TOXIC for years now and now that it’s finally here it’s somewhat unobtainable for them given the current market atmosphere due to shit supply and miners galore or how Sapphire designed the thing in mind with a massive 360mm AIO which guarantees a massive price increase from traditional reference products.

Whereas the gaming figures would otherwise suggest that the TOXIC is the best case scenario you could ever have for the Radeon RX 6900 XT however at a 64% price hike and obviously being severely limited when it comes to supply being a niche enthusiast product the Sapphire Toxic LE just isn’t bloody worth it over any aftermarket air cooled product which can do everything that the TOXIC can certainly do albeit within a few percent difference in performance, but you could easily shave off $400 from its price tag.

To me it would seem that the TOXIC Limited Edition is nothing short of an enthusiast class cash grab to capitalize upon the limited market space suffering from a drought of supply, the TOXIC naming has never been associated with water cooling of any kind, whereas it used to be the absolute pinnacle of air cooled perfection from its triple-fan design and thick ass heatsinks.

The Sapphire TOXIC’s of old used to be wildly available to purchase, whereas this is nothing short of a train wreck tarnishing a longstanding name once associated with peak performance that everyone could afford, now it’s just pure trash that only the dumbest of fools would ever consider purchasing.

Thank you SAPPHIRE, you’ve ruined the TOXIC name. Go fuck yourselves.