Silicon Lottery Announces That It’s Shutting Down – No More Binned Processors for Mental Midgets

Ding dong the witch is gone.

Finally some fucking good news, Silicon Lottery, a reseller of sorts who primarily buys CPUs in bulk, effectively “bin checks” them and resells said specified binning specifications onto customers who want a no hassle easy guaranteed OC of a given core frequency / FCLK.

The main target audience of Silicon Lottery almost always tends to be the intellectually challenged who simply must have that 100+ MHz advantage and are willing to fork over hundreds of dollars over standard retail pricing in order to archive such goals.

However sadly for them there hasn’t been much point in sourcing CPUs from Silicon Lottery who effectively bin and resell CPUs anymore granted that the top-of-the-line Core i9 processors from Intel are effectively binned themselves, so much so that the company previously had to rush out the i9-10850K because they simply couldn’t produce enough 5.3GHz samples to sell as the i9-10900K, so they shaved a hundred MHz off and sold it as a different SKU.

While overclocking on AMD Ryzen processors have proven to be vastly ineffective as the generations go by where enabling Precision Boost Overdrive effectively gives greater performance benefits than a lousy all-core OC would ever achieve. Before Zen 3 at least the only real benefit to buying a binned Ryzen CPU from Silicon Lottery would be for a higher FCLK frequency which aids with memory latency and therefore performance.

So, obviously and thankfully for that matter Silicon Lottery sales have dwindled as the years have gone by as there just isn’t any need to be gouged in buying binned shit, Silicon Lottery reached its peak well over five years ago and as such they have announced that they will be closing shop at the end of October.

And if you were to visit the Silicon Lottery website today you’ll find the announcement of the stores closure and a statement by them which reads.

Our online store will be closing on October 31, 2021. Any orders placed for our delidding service will need to be delivered to us by November 30, 2021 for completion. For warranty or other assistance after we close the store, contact us at the email listed on your packing slip.

We have had a fantastic time these past seven years at Silicon Lottery. This business has grown and made an impact on so many people, more than I ever imagined was possible. I personally appreciate all of you that I’ve been able to talk with over these years, from troubleshooting to general questions to speculation. It’s been so easy to connect with so many of you through this hobby we share.

We’re shutting down not for just one reason, but for a combination of many. As you may be aware, overclocking headroom has been dwindling these past several years with manufacturers offering higher frequencies at stock, better boosting algorithms, and tighter bins between models which reduces overclock frequency variation (the 11900K is essentially a binned 11700K, so with the 11900K we’re binning what has already been fairly heavily binned). This type of product segmentation is nothing new, but having such minor differences between two models is a more recent shift. Intel has also switched from a polymer TIM back to a solder TIM starting with their 9th generation CPUs, which has reduced the thermal benefits achieved from delidding. In addition, supply issues have taken a major toll on us, even before the pandemic started. Our orders with distributors for the last few releases have been nightmares of delays upon delays.

With all of this in mind, sales have fallen below the point where it makes sense for us to keep the store open. We know many of you are eagerly wanting Alder Lake CPUs, and we’re sorry that we won’t be able to fulfill your needs this time. We have seen your emails rolling in these past couple of weeks, and we’re sorry for not getting back to you guys earlier as we’ve been busy juggling this decision.

While we will be closed for the foreseeable future, it’s not necessarily goodbye forever. If things change in the market, in particular if overclocking headroom and variation increases for whatever reason, it’s possible we will get things rolling again.

We wish all of you the best, and to keep having fun tweaking hardware!

Good riddance, granted that Intel themselves basically push their cancerous Core processors beyond the limits to achieve rambunctious frequency claims it was only a matter of time where binned gouging services such as Silicon Lottery would meet their demise, as a business they’ve done nothing but cater towards those with more money than brains, individuals with such low self-esteem that they must get every inch of performance out of whatever it is they buy, for no other reason than simple epeen.