Some new Splatoon 2 character plushies from Sanrio, the makers of Hello Kitty, were recently announced for release in Japan. The news was captured by Twitter account Splatoon News, which posted up the info on their account, along with a brief comment about hoping that the plushies arrive Stateside.

However, the news did not go down well with Social Justice Warriors at all.

You can view the image of the plushies below compared to how the characters Marina and Pearl look in the actual game.

There’s a string of responses to the tweet about one of the characters, Marina, being whitewashed.

Sankaku Complex pointed out that the outrage shifted from Twitter to the outrage farm known as ResetEra, where they continued to complain about the skin color of Marina being lighter, and justifying reasons to be angered at the plushies.

As is usual in ResetEra, the few people that tried to rationalize the situation by explaining that Asians prefer lighter skin tones because it means you’re of a higher status were banned.

The thread lost various members attempting to explain that the character wasn’t whitewashed, but it didn’t matter since they spoke out against the “progressive” narrative and were banned for their efforts.

Either way, those Social Justice corners of the web are completely butt-flustered, and cheek-chaffed over the complexion of a plushie, which is indicative of how far removed they are from anything remotely related to any sort of important issues in life.

The plushies from Sanrio featuring the Splatoon 2 characters are available right now in Japan.

(Thank image courtesy of Greg)

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