Sony PlayStation Network Terms of Service Changes Forbid Opposing the PRC – Silencing Hong Kong Citizen

This is exactly what Soyny needs right now, more trouble and outrage from consumers and social media.

Though it may not come as a surprise, considering Soyny are all in on the woke agenda with LGBT pandering and supporting domestic terrorist organizations such as BLM, now in a glorious twist of fate it would appear that Soyny also happen to be riding on Chinese chodes.

Sony Interactive Entertainment updated their terms of service for the PlayStation Network or (PSN) earlier in the month which can be found here.

Specifically those impacted by these new terms and conditions are users with Mainland China as their country of residence, which just so happen to be Hong Kong citizens as well.

The TOS changes forbid users saying or doing anything that would bring shame to the communist regime of the People’s Republic of China, unsurprising given how so many western companies bend over and look the other way to what the corrupt communist shit hole is doing.

Simply put, companies need shekels to survive. Particularly shekels form the Jews of the East, otherwise known as China.

The terms of service and user agreement states as follows:

You may not use your Account or use PSN in any way to create, reproduce, publish or disseminate any information which:
  • opposes the basic principles in the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China (the “PRC”);
  • endangers the security of the PRC, divulges PRC State secrets, or jeopardizes the sovereignty and unification of the PRC;
  • damages the honor and interests of the PRC;
  • violates PRC policies on religion, or propagates heresies or superstition;
  • disseminates rumors, disrupts social order, or undermines social stability;
  • disseminates obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, or instigates others to commit crimes;
  • is prohibited by PRC laws, administrative regulations and other provisions.

Sony have aligned themselves by supporting the Marxist movement of BLM, communist PRC to combat racism on the PlayStation platform and it would seem to suppress and censor Hong Kong citizens.

Sony maintains the right to monitor or record its users online actives through the PlayStation Network if required by applicable law.

Which given the state of the PRC, no doubt if the goyim start to speak out they’re going to wind up going missing.

Sony also has the right to disclose personal information to third-party service providers (including, without limitation, customer service providers, repair service providers, geolocation service providers, advertisers, insurers, lawyers, bankers and accountants and other third-party service providers who provide customer, product warranty, maintenance, administrative, telecommunications, postal, computer, payment or other services to us to enable us to operate our business) and other companies within the Sony group of companies.

Boy does all this censorship come in handy coming off the changes to the party chat system on the PlayStation which can now be recorded. Need I actually remind you that the PlayStation 5 also comes with an in-built microphone inside its controller, that and the PS4 controller is incompatible. What a coincidence right?

Always watching, always listening. The PlagueStation is in full support of kikes, communists and faggots which is hilarious considering all this virtue signaling in the west that Soyny are doing, they wouldn’t dare do such a thing in China. The communist utopia has no respect for the black community or faggots of any kind.