Sony Reassures it’s a “Japanese” Company by Hiking PlayStation 5 Prices Worldwide (EXCEPT FOR AMERICA)
August 25, 2022
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How do you solve a exponential crisis of consumers not consooming your latest hardware offerings, well normally a company would reconsider its stances on its MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing).

Unless you happen to be Sony, a Japanese company that does everything it possibly can to fuck over the Japanese, such as by demanding censorship for Japanese developed titles on its platform, moving Sony Interactive Entertainment’s HQ away from Japan to the faggot infested state of California, which I believe is in Weimerica.

Or how about forcing Japanese customers into using the western button layout with the PS5.

In which case, you instead raise system prices worldwide, except for America where the system actually does manage to shift units, and also happens to be the country of where SIE is based.

You’ve heard that right, if you’re a soylent faggot hell bent on buying a proprietary console with zero exclusives, it’s time to get affiliated with the bullshit war that’s apparently taking place over in Ukraine because everything that’s going wrong with the world (including inflation) isn’t the cause of Jews but more rather it was (((Putin)))’s doing all along.

Inflation is possibly the most laughable excuse a company can try and pull in today’s atmosphere to simply increase profiteering from lower sales volume, car manufacturers have been relishing the last couple of years.

Sony are increasing the retail pricing of its PlayStation 5 console worldwide, excluding the USA by a significant amount, with the new prices already taken effect except for Japanese consumers who’ll have until September 15th to buy the latest SoyStation before the prices increase exponentially.

European cucks will enjoy having a 50 EUR levy on the PS5, bringing the price of the PS5 upwards of 550 EURO and 450 EURO for the disc-less pile of excrement.

The Muslims in the United Kingdom can now look forward to making an extra buck pawning off stolen systems with the $RRP in the UK to increase by £30 GBP, bringing the total pricing of the PS5 to £480 and £400 for their respective systems.

Japanese consumers have been thoroughgoingly fucked throughout the entire year from the decrease in the Japanese Yen, however corporations benefit from a decline in the Yen’s relative value which has absolutely nothing to do with why Sony feel the need to fuck over Japanese customers even more.

The Japanese can expect to pay 5,000 Yen (~37 USD) more for a PlayStation 5, increasing the prices of the disc version to 54,980 Yen and 44,980 Yen for the all digital version that struggles to sell.

A 400 yuan (58 USD) levy is being added to the Jews of the East (China), increasing system prices to 4,300 Yuan and 3,500 Yuan respectively, probably by far the greatest profit markup.

While my cucked prison state of Australia has gotten a 50 AUD (~35 USD) increase, sending console prices soaring to 800 AUD and 650 AUD for the cucked digital variant.

Beaners in Mexico are probably better off making the illegal trip to the states if they wish to obtain a PS5, with a 1000 peso increase in system prices, Mexicans can now enjoy prices of 15,000 Pesos and 12,500 Pesos for a PS5.

While Canada may have introduced some radical gun laws and restrictions on anti-semitism, the cucked maple state can now enjoy having 20 of their Canadough tacked onto the price tag of the PlayStation 5, increasing its prices to 650 CND and 520 CND respectively.

Console system sales are down, this goes for all major vendors, it’s more surprising to find a company who has had a decent quarter result at this point in time, with Sony’s situation not looking all that great for the moment anyway.

But of course the Jewish executives and goy goy consumers will blame things such as inflation for the increased pricing, defending soulless corporations who hate their guts, but it’s rather peculiar how Sony didn’t bother to increase general system pricing in America.

The latest Famitsu sales report aught to put things a bit more clearly, with Nintendo’s Switch console continuing to dominate in software sales, occupying 28 out of the top 30 games sales for the week of August 8th to August 14th, with Sony software sales taking a shitkicking, with Nobunaga’s Ambition: Rebirth for the PlayStation 4 outpacing Gran Turismo 7 down in 25th and 26th position for game sales.

Hardware sales show similar trends, with the Nintendo Switch system selling a combined total of 129,898 units, or rather 153,822 units when including the Switch Lite system, whereas Sony’s PlayStation 5 has managed a combined total of 46,600 units.

By comparison, the Nintendo Switch is collectively outselling the PlayStation 5 in Japan by a scale of more than 3-to-1.

All the more embarrassing is that Japanese consumers have become all to familiar with the sight of Microsoft’s XBOX beating the disabled step-child of the PS5 range, with the XBOX Series X and S coming together for 8,703 units combined, but even separately the much more expensive Series X console is selling almost double the units as the Digital version of the PlayStation 5.

Sony can blame economical factors all they want, large corporations will simply throw everything under the bus so long as it means they can continue to get away with whatever (((scheming bullshit))) they’ve cocked up.

Microsoft and Nintendo haven’t announced plans to increase their system pricing, though maybe they’ll follow through, Nintendo is probably the only one to benefit from this as soy-lent consumers will buy a Switch regardless.

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