NVIDIA Reports Massive 106% Increase in “Gaming” Profits Due to Cryptocurrency Miners – Acts Coy Regarding Their Impact

Nvidia┬árevealed its financial results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2022. And god fucking blimey are these financial reports something else entirely, as the company has reported that it has achieved a 84% growth in year-over-year revenue reaching $5.66 Billion, with $2.76 Billion of that coming from their “Gaming” division or more rather the […]

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AMD Updates Wafer Supply Agreement with GlobalFoundries Through 2024 – Now Non-Exclusive

GoFlo or GoSlo? I’ll let you be the judge on that one, though sadly the Arab fucks that now control GlobalFoundries have set its demise in stone by outright stopping development of what would’ve probably been an extremely competitive 7nm processing node utilizing IBM tech relative to the Taiwanese Mafia (TSMC). However the Arab cunts […]

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