Hardware Unboxed Finds That NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Cards Have Severe Driver Overhead Problems – CPU Bottlenecks Ahoy!

AMD + AMD makes for the only choice of true PC enthusiasts. One of the biggest JewTube hardware urinalists, Hardware Shillbox has conducted an extensive investigation into an issue that has been known among true intellectuals have has conveniently been swept under the rug. That investigation happens to be the cancerous driver overhead that plagues […]

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AMD Ryzen 3000 XT Processors Are Here – Same Price, Better Performance

AMD have officially announced three new processors to the Ryzen 3000 lineup. Those processors being the Ryzen 9 3900XT, Ryzen 7 3800XT and Ryzen 5 3600XT. Reports of Ryzen CPUs that were manufactured not long ago have been reaching much higher frequencies than the standard processors released upon launch. Now it’s evident that the 7nm […]

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AMD Zen 2 Refresh Is Coming – Ryzen 3000 XT Series – 3DMark Entries – Cinebench Figures – Features Higher Base And Boost Frequencies

In the wake Intel launching Comet Lake, their 10th generation of Intel Core Processors and the everlasting anticipation of a Zen 3 announcement it seems AMD are cooking up a swift countermeasure to combat Intel’s latest processors. AMD are preparing to release a refresh of the 3600X, 3800X and 3900X dubbed “XT” much similar to […]

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