PALIT Gets Busy – Submits GeForce RTX 3080 Ti, 3070 Ti, 3050 Ti and CMP HX to the EEC

PALIT, well renowned for their shitty entry level aftermarket graphics card solutions and among NVIDIA’s top bitches when it comes to the exclusivity of providing aftermarket solutions for their products has been rather busy of late submitting various upcoming GeForce RTX graphics cards to the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) as well as various CMP HX […]

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NVIDIA Wasting TSMC 7nm Capacity on Crypto Miners? NVIDIA Potentially Preparing Ampere A100 CMP HX Mining Card

“Everyone wants Israeli companies” – Jensen Huang It would appear that NVIDIA’s greed certainly nose no bounds with the company already putting focus on its GeForce RTX Ampere graphics cards being sold directly to miners on top of rebranding previous generation RTX Turing trash for its CMP HX lineup of mining products which are actually […]

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NVIDIA’s CMP (Crypto Mining Processor) Scam – CMP 30HX Listed on UAE Retailer – GTX 1660 Super Rebrand For Just $723 USD

Return on Investment? Not if you’re buying NVIDIA’s CMP (Cryptocurrency Mining Processors) that’s for damn sure with the first retail listing being discovered of the 30HX mining processor. As you may or may not know last month NVIDIA announced the introduction of their “CMP HX” series which are dedicated mining hardware utilizing shit binned cores […]

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