Amphermi Is Real – MSI Unveils Aesthetically Challenged GeForce RTX 3090 AERO – Blower Design With A Fermi(te) Nostalgia Trip

Are you not a fan of how reference and aftermarket card designs specifically have moved away from radial blower fans paired with tiny vapor chamber heatsinks? Can’t afford to buy a proper decent aftermarket GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card due to zero supply from NVIDIA along with the higher margins they have when selling chips […]

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The More You Buy The More You Save? – Leaked RTX 3090 Performance Just 10% Above RTX 3080 For Over Double The Price

Fresh off the paper launch of the RTX 3080, JewTubers and tech urinalists world wide already have their hands on the elusive RTX 3090 but are still under NDA to release its performance. The very same Chinese yiffer responsible for leaking the RTX 3080 results (TecLab) are back at it again to spread the word […]

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NVIDIA GrillForce Returns? RTX Amphermi GPU Pictured – Shows Tumorous PCI Breaking Monstrosity

Is NVIDIA GrillForce back on the menu? Judging by these concerning images of NVIDIA’s upcoming Ampere or shall I say Amphermi GPU would have you question the needs to buy another power supply or even if your motherboard is safe from its clutches. Posted by Twitter user @GarnetSunset these disturbing images of Amphermi in all […]

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