Basin Falls

Intel Announces Skylake-X Refresh and 28 Core Xeon Processors

Continuing on from the previous article Intel also unveiled their new Core-X series of processors for content design workloads on a premium platform. These new Core-X processors will be apart of the Basin Falls Refresh family featuring “optimization” include: Soldered IHS for better management and overclocking (STIM) Up to 68 PCIe Lanes (44 CPU + […]

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Leaked Intel Roadmap shows Z390, i9-9900K Q3 2018 – X299 Refresh Basin Falls

Chinese website XFASTEST have reported on numerous leaked slides from Intel featuring upcoming CPU plans for both mainstream and HEDT. Intel X299 Refresh Basin Falls in 2019 Intel is planning to release a refreshed lineup for the X299 platform called Basin Falls (into the basin with Intel’s innovations) and according to the leaked roadmap are […]

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