BF 2042

Refund Petition for Battlefield 2042 Now at 220,000 Signatures and Climbing

If you needed anymore evidence regarding EA’s latest pile of shit they dare call a video game, Battlefield 2042 was another catastrophic failure for the kike conglomerate following other hilarious failures such as Star Wars Battlefront, ANTHEM and Battlefield V, look no further as a petition demanding refunds for Battlefield 2042 has been surging with […]

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Estrogenic Arts Admits That Battlefield 2042 Flopped HARD – Damage Control Ensues

EA Games or Estrogenic Arts as I like to call them have once again showcased their extreme disconnect from reality as they’ve outright ignored consumer reception as they tried and failed to push bullshit gimmicks and woke propaganda inside their latest release, Battlefield 2042 which after mere months from launch is effectively already dead in […]

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Battlefield 2042 Gets Even More Gay with Support for NVIDIA DLSS and Reflex Technology

Battlefield 2042 in my eyes is going to be a massive failure, simply because it’s standardized hero shooter trash with faggotry injected into the mix. Just like how all modern games should be yeah? Nobody needs or wants single player campaigns anymore what we want are online only multiplayer titles with an abundance of different […]

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