Intel CEO Claims Bitcoin is a “Climate Crisis” as the Company Rushes to Produce Cryptocurrency Mining ASICs

A mega-kike corporation being two faced faggots? Say it ain’t so. Intel’s CEO, Patrick Gelsinger has criticized cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin during a brief interview with Bloomberg of which Patrick Gelsinger described Bitcoin as a “Climate Crisis“. “A single ledger entry in Bitcoin consumes enough energy to power your house for almost a day,” he […]

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Chinese Cryptocurrency Crackdown – Second Hand Markets Flooded with Graphics Cards

Fuck miners/minors/minorities. China seemingly has had a massive hardon for cracking down on cryptocurrency mining operations after seemingly banning such practices, considering that China is responsible for majority of the cumulative hashrate among networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum this has resulted in such miners either forcefully or preemptively shutting down their entire operations and […]

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ZEBEDEE Announces Infuse – Stake and Earn Cryptocurrency by Playing Counter-Strike?

Crypto Kikes beware. Cryptocurrency and video games are two entities that really should never come together just in my own personal opinion, the horrors that be if one large AAA publisher / developer gets in on blockchain technology to further diminish the gaming industry though loot boxes or other kinds of bullshit. However an integration […]

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