Intel Sapphire Rapids Goes Stagnate – Delayed as Production is Pushed Back to Q2 2022

Intel has gone back to their usual ways as Intel’s initial plans to release Sapphire Rapids have dried up as production has been pushed back until well into next year resulting in its subsequent delay. Intel can seemingly oust its CEO and begin the process of laying off worthless executives and yet the company is […]

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Intel Inside, Fire Outside? Fire Destroys OVHcloud Data Center in Strasbourg

A wild blaze at OVHcloud’s Strasbourg site has destroyed their “SBG2” data center and all the servers that it housed with the “SBG1” data center facing serious damage from the fire with “SBG3” and “SBG4” being successfully protected by firefighters. We have a thought for you… 🙁 — Info Trafic Alsace (@ITA6768) March 10, […]

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