Nintendo Going Woke With Policy Pledge of Increased Diversity Hires?

Well shit, there goes Nintendo. Following the sexual harassment bullshit that has basically turned Activision Blizzard upside down, alleged gender discriminatory claims against PlayStation (SIE), there’s a rush for these giant video game giants to hire more women in a desperate attempt to snub the stigma…. or perhaps to just sexually assault them also? Who […]

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Activision Blizzard CEO Takes Pay Cut -Vows to Increase Diversity Hires by 50 Percent

Activision Blizzard are absolutely desperate to do anything they possibly can to gain favor from gullible consumers by subverting their filth with a gay faggotry filter. And yet despite constant virtue signaling, making practically every single character in Overwatch either gay or non-binary, removing problematic content in World of Warcraft to remove the phrase “greenskins” […]

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CYBERPUNKED! – CD PROJEKT RED Suffers Security Breach – Hacker Acquires Cyberpunk 2077 & Witcher 3 Source Codes

Diversity hires can’t make a game. And it would seem diversity hires aren’t all that good at security either because CD Projekt Red have become the victim of a security breach which has netted the perpetrator with sensitive company information, employee documentation along with the source codes for Cyberpozz 2077 and The Witcher 3. According […]

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