AMD Brutally Murders NVIDIA’s DLSS With “FSR” FidelityFX Super Resolution – Supports GPU’s Dating Back to RX 500 Series and GTX Pascal

About damn time. AMD has effectively pulled off another FreeSync when it came to their response to NVIDIA’s cancerous DLSS technology, with the announcement of FSR or FidelityFX Super Resolution. Demoed during AMD’s Computex 2021 keynote, FidelityFX Super Resolution or “FSR” was previewed on one of AMD’s sponsored titles, Godfall with Ray Tracing enabled. The […]

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Monitards Rejoice – NVIDIA Silently Lowers Criteria Standards for G-Sync Ultimate Display Certification

NVIDIA G-Sync has gone through many iterations, starting out in life as being overpriced proprietary garbage utilising an FPGA module produced by ALTERA (and owned by the Intel Corporation) in direct competition with the VESA Adaptive-Sync VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) otherwise known as Free-Sync as an alternative that didn’t require any propitiatory module and thus […]

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