NVIDIA’s Computex Woes – The Embarrassing and Pathetic Announcements of The GeForce RTX 3080 Ti & 3070 Ti – Last Minute Price Hike?!

$1200 for 12GB of VRAM. That is of course the hilariously obtuse “MSRP” which as we’ve all come to learn from this generation of hardware means absolutely jack shit. Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself here based on the hilarity of the situation NVIDIA has thankfully given us with their Computex 2021 presentation was filled […]

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NVIDIA’s Indecisiveness Over? Rumors Speculate RTX 3080 Ti Deuce to be Dropped May 25th – RTX 3070 Ti to Follow in June? – Tuned RTX 3080 Ti Provides Staggering 119MH/s

According to a bunch of Hongkongers over on HEKPC it would appear that NVIDIA’s indecisiveness over releasing anticipated turds in the form of “Ti” variants of the woeful RTX 3080 and 3070 graphics cards. Since the launch of RTX Ampere NVIDIA has gone on record for preparing to launch special double capacity variants of both […]

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Low Yields? Lower Expectations! – NVIDIA Allegedly Planning Another GA102 Cutdown With 7424 (3712) Cores?

Remember when I reported on the horrible yields leaked for the GA104 core? NVIDIA had set a control target of 50% and the overall yields were 63.35%. Calculated from this it was expected that GA102 would have yields around the 40% mark. Which is fucking horrible, even when utilizing new fabs and new technology. So […]

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