Ubisoft to Revive Splinter Cell Franchise With Reboot to Desecrate It With Gay Agenda

UPDATE: On September 23rd it has been confirmed through the means of a Ubisoft job application that the Splinter Cell remake will indeed be “updated” from the original title for a “modern audience”. Obviously if a game “remake” needs to have its story altered in order to be more inclusive then rightfully it isn’t a […]

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Turtle Rock Studios Confirms That Back 4 Blood Zombies Were in Fact Calling You a Nigger

Quite possibly one of the funniest things to come from the video game industry in recent times, apart from the goyim finally deciding that they hate Activision Blizzard for whatever reason would have to go to Back 4 Blood and its vocal mishap of zombies uttering the word “Nigger”. Now obviously while it’s certainly hilarious […]

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Golden Goystick Awards – The Last of Us 2 Crowned Ultimate Gayme of the Year and PlaugeStation Gayme of the Year

The Soystick Awards ceremony has concluded with the unsurprising winner of the night being mainly The Lesbians of Us Part II. The pozzed lesbian self-insert anti-Christian kike fuckery known otherwise as TLOU2 released to critical acclaim by the (((media))) and gayme urinalists but otherwise shunned and rejected by actual gamers. Now gayme award shows haven’t […]

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